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  1. I followed the request of the MBAE staff, and I uninstalled my BitDefender antivirus program. I then activated the MBAE program, and even when BitDefender was not even installed, Chrome and Opera would not load at all. I then deactivated MBAE, and lo and behold both Chrome and Opera loaded properly. I repeated the process several time, same result. I don't see any evidence that BitDefender is the problem here. It seems obvious, based upon my evaluation, that MBAE is actually the problem. MBAE worked fine, up until July 19th or so. I don't know what occurred to casuse the problem,
  2. Just yesterday I noticed that both Chrome and Opera would no longer load and open any web pages. This problem did not affect IE or Firefox which work fine. I merhodically disabled Windows Firewall first, then my BitDefender Anti-Virus, and then finally MalwareBytes Anti-Exploit. As soon as I disabled MBAE the problem stopped. Both Chrome and Opera would load properly and navigate and open any web page that I selected. As soon as I restarted the MBAE program the problem started again. Using a methodical approach, I was able to determine that the problem is not the firewall of the Bi
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