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  1. Evening all! (well, close) Sorry l'm late, playing catch-up all morning. Anywaaays... seems somehow the problem is solved. l say somehow, but the reason is when l started my laptop up l tried again clicking on the pesky notification, THIS time it did offer me the option (amongst others) to revert. Which l did. l have no clue whatsoever why it didn't show the prompt yesterday, and to be honest l cannot be bothered, since now l'm having issues with my W. update which is my next little 'project' (sigh). Was there anything out of the ordinairy showing in my logs? Guess not, l take it you would've
  2. PS: You probably didn't need/want the default log, which btw looks like its written by JK Rowling, but l added it just because. The rest l couldn't open (unless l had the right program for it, which oc is a joke) and they weren't "logs" anyway. Okay, over&out.
  3. Just had a brief moment of clarity, and thought l remembered how to attach the log files (service and default). Seems to've worked, has it? (please say yes and save me from eternal embarrasment) Continue in the morning me thinks. Bye 4 now mbae-service.log mbae-default.log
  4. WTFF??! Where did my reply go? Are you kidding me? l just posted my logs and everythings gone?! l don't know what the Hell is going on AAAARGH.. FFS! Pardon my french. Okayy, ONE MORE TRY. And again, sorry unzipped (hang on, maybe that was the problem? Too flipping long? Must be it. lf l could only remember how to put in a file. Think..). Sorry, not just a noob, l'm also a total knob! Please supply -simpleton- instructions how to put the log data into a file for attachment. Believe it or not, l used to know how to, even did so several times, but l'm at a total blank, and my ADD isn't helping e
  5. Right. Well, l clicked the expired message straight after reboot (clicked on the spanner/wrench too): zip, nada, nothing. And l've also tried making screenshots (using "Awesome Screenshot"), but as soon as l click to execute any following actions, the AE window disappears. Unless you can tell me how l can get it to stick l'll be happy to give it go. lt looks like follows: the "general" has the black square with "Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit Premium" and "running" underneath; the "shields" has some 20 applications (too many to type down) named; the "about" is similar to the "general", it says lice
  6. l was just about to close, we keep crossing eachother. l'll try to revert the way you told me too, if it doesn't work l'll be back later in the day (early evening) with screenshots. Really have to fly now, app. at the hospital. Bye 4 now!
  7. Okay, l'll do that. l really have to go out now, but you can consider this thread closed (to satisfactory). Thanks again for your time and effort!
  8. Not that l mind but, the way it looks now is as the Premium version is running anyway (without having purchased it)..
  9. Btw, stopping protection and switching protection on again doesn't provide any other options either..
  10. l've tried to revert to the free version by clicking on the message, alas, it won't do anything. lt just says AE Premium (Trial expired)- Running?!
  11. Yes, it's the Premium AE l meant (l bought the MBAM). What l meant was, why wouldn't it install properly when l used the C downloads to file the program, oppose to desktop.
  12. Yess, it works! However, l'm still stuck with the notification that the Premium version is expired, instead of AE running, will that change by itself in time? And do you know why it wouldn't install in the other directory?
  13. Hi, thanks for replying. l'll have another go installing it on desktop. Since l'm a total noob l have to ask what's meant by "uninstalling from control panel" (sorry ). l'll let you know how l got on anyway. Bye 4 now
  14. Hi, l've been use AE (free version) for over a year now, and recently l took the offer on the 10 day Premium trial (just for the sake of it). Since the trial ran out l got a little tired of the pop up telling me the trial expired and removed AE from my laptop and reinstall the regular/free version again. l've tried now for 3 times in a row, but as soon as l open the download l get the message Unable to execute file in the temporary directory. Setup aborted. Error 5: Acces denied. l really haven't got a clue what's going on, since l've put the file in the same place as before (C downloads)
  15. "It is not legal to steal software in the Netherlands either".. Well, I didn't think it was, and despite the countless options to do so, I never went down that road (the software I use is either freeware, or purchased legally). However.. I don't have any problem, whatsoever, downloading material that's been aired before, like eg TV-series, films and/or movies; I don't burn copies for '3rd parties' whether it's for free or to gain some sort of monetary benefit (like some people I know!), it's all for private use only. Having said that, I do realize that the mentioned material is also copyrighte
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