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  1. @Firefox: that did it: ~ 8 min download of the new version, opened immediately upon restart. By 'over the top', I assume you mean an 'overwrite' of an existing non-launching update? Unfamiliar with this terminology. I can also assume that a good future practice would be to check the MWB page for the section with the latest 'stand-alone' download files, in the event that these 'auto-update' prompts fail - as in this case? If you can provide a url for this exact location on the MWB homepage, I will bookmark it immediately as a first-line check. Thanks to you and @Porthos for 'eyeballs' and attention on this matter. Thanks much!
  2. Required to leave this station for the rest of the day, will resume obtaining requested date tomorrow. Thanks.
  3. 3rd years subscriber to MWB Home Premium. Rec'd prompt multiple times starting 6/26: 'Updated Version of Malwarebytes Avalailable'. Successfully downloaded today (6/27) via 'installation wizard'. Laptop restarted, MWB would not launch: "Unable to connect the service". ~ 1 dozen attempts at opening - via taskbar, directly via start field, via program list: same message appears. No idea if the program is running, if I am unprotected. Don't have time for this. Unit is a 2011 HP ProBook 4530s running Win 7 x64 Professional. Current browser is Explorer 9: CANNOT be upgraded because vital Win 7 SP1 Update will NOT load, due to FLAW in HP Driver for Intel 3000 (2nd Gen) Graphics Card: neither HP, nor Microsoft, nor Intel provide any fix or patch for this. Dunno if this CURRENT inability to LAUNCH this latest V of MWB has any RELATION to any of the above, but it MIGHT (btw: it was via much time spent on another thread in your MWB Forum that another HP user of a similar product posted the exact same problem, pinpointing the source of the failure). Running MSE as back-up AV, but MWB is a superior product. PLEASE provide a solution/work-around to this failure ASAP so I can have full protection again: if this current 'upgraded' V of MWB is INCOMPATIBLE with my system as described above, PLEASE inform me of this, provide instructions for how to REINSTALL prior version of MWB - ie where to find prior version installation license/key, etc, and whether there might be some patch or fix that would allow me to full protection provided by your latest versions. Any additional instruction/information would be appreciated, thanks much.
  4. @AdvSetup and garioch7: I currently have open questions on both the Microsoft and Intel Graphic Users Froum: I am working through some difficult steps offered by the first, and the second just send me the following answer, which is relevant to advice that I am getting here and answers at least some of my concerns, namely that the Intel graphics card will not support Win 10 and HP has shown that it stops supporting their drivers (therefore their products) within ~ 3 years of launch: 1.Re: Does Intel provide a driver for HD Graphics Family V. that is COMPATIBLE with Win 7 x64 Pro 'Service Pack 1' (SP1) Update? Feb 13, 2017 9:32 AM (in response to B. Kos) This message was posted by Intel Corporation on behalf of I have checked specifications for your HP* system and I noticed that integrates an Intel® HD graphics 3000, this means that the graphics is second generation, not compatible for Windows® 10. You will find compatible graphics drivers for Windows® 7 64 bit and Windows® 7 32 bit Please bear in mind you will try to install generic graphics drivers from Intel but your computer model may require custom drivers from HP*
  5. @AdvSetup: Thanks much, very appreciative of your time knowing that you are assisting many people daily. The issue is almost certainly this Intel graphics driver incompatibility reported by @garioch7 above: researching this last night gave multiple links to HP help forum posts discussing this issue in detail (starting ~ 2011, the same time that I bought this ProBook 4530s) that all seem to drill down to this 'incompatibility'. The driver 'version range' where this problem was noticed did NOT include the driver last updated when I first contacted you about the SP1 issue: Intel HD Graphics Family', Version: (3/25/2011). At the ProBook Driver page, found a slightly newer version of this driver: 2/22/12: V. http://h20565.www2.hp.com/hpsc/swd/public/detail?sp4ts.oid=5060882&swItemId=ob_103472_1&swEnvOid=4059 This was downloaded and SP1 installation attempted again: no difference from all prior attempts. Users in the HP forum reported (as @garioch7 did) that HP did not offer a fixed driver, dunno if Intel offered any fix. 3 agents responsible for the 'pieces' that must mesh together for this laptop to work: HP, Intel and Microsoft OS Win 7 Pro: none of them have provided any fix for the above avg user. The bottom-line goal is installation of the latest OS and browser possible on this unit. If no 'compatible' driver for this 'Intel Family' graphics card (hardware on the motherboard?) is available, can the card easily be 'swapped-out', or would the knowledge/tech ability to do this be beyond anyone but a pro - and if a pro is necessary, would the cost be justified? The key question seems this: If my version of Windows 7 Pro (bypassed by now by 8.0, 8.1 and 10) cannot be updated to SP1 level, is there any guarantee that following uninstall of the current OS of this system and replacement with Win 10 (no longer free) that it would RUN on this unit, with this particular Intel card and driver? If the answer is NO, then it's time for a new laptop, as no one is going to do a card replacement with OS 10 install followed by the needed checks to insure funtionality without $$$. I am willing to continue working through the current 'fix', but still don't know if the OS and browser upgrades - the end goal - would ever work properly on this machine. Thanks much! [If @garioch7 has an opinion on this, would also be grateful to read it]
  6. @AdvSetup: 'zip up the CBS log file and upload it': please provide specific instructions as to how to do this. My last post indicates that following the SFC scan and searching for: %WINDIR%\Logs\CBS I found a folder labled: 'CBS\CBSlog'. To repeat, I was unable to open this file: 'access denied'. If I can't open the file I don't know how I can 'zip up' or 'upload' it and post it. I have a pdf.file of a 'print screen' shot I took of the 'CBS\CBSlog' folder which I will try to attach with this message: that's as far as I've been able to get on my own. Further directives will require specific instructions for how to perform them. Thanks. CBS.log BJK.pdf (I don't know if this file downloaded correctly).
  7. @@Adv Setup: the link you provided was the one I was going to try to tackle after a quick review of all the replies to the TechNet post on this problem, but it didn't take long for me to get hung up: first, I was not permitted to perform a SFC scan bec I was not an 'administrator': this link showed me how: https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc947813(v=ws.10).aspx Scan proceeded as described within ~ 5 mins: 'Windows Resource Protection did not find any integrity violations' Entered: '%WINDIR%\Logs\CBS' in search bar: 2 results: 1 folder labled: CBS, the other text file labled: CBS\CBSlog. Clicking on 'CBS\CBSlog': 'Access is Denied'. Opening the first folder yields 9 text files, top one labled: 'CBS.log': clicking this: again, 'Access is Denied'. A search gave this possibility: https://www.sevenforums.com/performance-maintenance/184201-how-open-windows-cbs-log-files.html (WARNING: At the bottom of the first post is a link that (at one time) gave: 'Tip: Download Windows Repair Tool', now a rogue site (www.reimageplus.com) that was blocked by MWB! ) The 2nd post in this blog provides another solution site: https://www.sevenforums.com/tutorials/1538-sfc-scannow-command-system-file-checker.html I started this fix ~ 4 hrs ago, and am getting deeper into some 'solution' rabbit-hole again: will need your expertise as to how to best proceed at this impasse. This was the reason I tried to avoid 'command level' options, as they really require a much higher level of computer literacy. Grateful for your assistance.
  8. Doing due-diligence in repeating help instructions above @Advanced Setup: after running a Disk Check (~ 5 mins, nothing found, boot-up normal), revisited: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/971058/how-do-i-reset-windows-update-components#!/en-us/help/971058/how-do-i-reset-windows-update-components Ran Win Update Troubleshooter for Win 8.1, 8.0 and 7 ('Diagnostic Troublshooting Wizard'): 2 categories listed: Windows Update and Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS): 'completed': "changes made, problems found': 1. service registration missing or corrupt: 'fixed', 2. problems installing recent updates: 'fixed'" Retried SP1 download: 'installation successful', restart, 'configuring windows' reaches 10%, shutdown, revert changes: exactly the same as every prior attempt: error code: 0x80070490 > 'get more information about this error' > (from 2011!), posted in the Microsoft TechNet Forums (for IT pros): "error 0X80070490 (Element not found) when you are installing a service pack or update": https://blogs.technet.microsoft.com/asiasupp/2011/06/19/the-error-0x80070490element-not-found-when-you-are-installing-a-service-pack-or-update/ This topic rec'd 33 replies, more than for any forum topic seen, all giving complex fixes at a level beyond my ability/understanding: timeframe appears in line with observations by @garioch7 above.
  9. @ Advanced Setup: thanks much for picking this up again: after your insructions, I conducted a Disk Check weekly as a routine: scans proceed fast, nothing (that I can see) out of order: I will work on getting the requested logs - have to reread the procedure. I updated all drivers HP still provides for this unit. @garioch7: re: 'it turns out the HP used an Intel graphics driver that was not compatible with WIn SP1': this is the first time after reading ~ 50 various posts on the Microsoft Comm forum dealing with this issue that I've seen any mention of this. HP's response is troubling, but not surprising. I found their Tech Support clumsy & incompetent on a number of issues when this ProBook was still under warranty. Under 'specifications' for this unit as found in the (latest version) of HP Support Assistant: Graphics Device 1: 'Intel(R) HD Graphics Family', Version: (3/25/2011) System BIOS: (3/25/2011) I don't know if any other specs have any relevance to this, but will provide them if they might aid troubleshooting.
  10. Dunno if this issue can be picked-up again, but got sidelined by life. Still running the same system as described above. Peformed all the fixes attempted above, then repeatedly attempted SP1 download (both via auto-update list and as stand-alone file) including the 'System Update Readiness Tool: KB947821). For my limited needs, this laptop is more than adequate: still running all the same AV programs without incident. But given this is a 2012 unit, the 'standards' have passed me by, and more and more online resources and business forms cannot be accessed because the unit is running Win 7 Pro x64 and Explorer 9: I am basically 'frozen-out' of any possible Win 7 and browser upgrades: dead in the water. Since Win 10 is now the standard OS, and 'Edge' is now the default Microsoft browser, I would be grateful for any advice as to the smartest way to attempt a full software upgrade/overhaul, while still holding on to this solid HP ProBook. PS: Tried returning to the Microsoft 'Community Forums' again, but can not access the blogs because of this outdated browser. Hoping you (someone) might help pick this problem up again and crawl out of the stone age! Many thanks!
  11. Running MB Premium for a few months now without incident, no malware ever detected. Upon bootup today, noted an alert with the message in the title. My guess is that this has been seen by others at some time or another, I have no idea of the source of this. Running Microsoft Security Essentials simultaneously: nothing detected with this program either. Apologies if this has been covered in detail elsewhere. Would appreciate a link to that thread or any assistance as to how to proceed with this. Thanks!
  12. Thanks for both fast replies. Re: Galt's post, forgive my apparent dyslexia, but I still don't follow: '...find the MBAM icon in your notification area (aka system tray), right click on the MBAM icon, and select exit from the bottom of the menu that pops up.' There are four screens in MBAM: Dashboard, Scan, Settings, History. Maybe I'm missing something staring at something looking me in the face, but where is the 'MBAM icon' that I'm supposed to 'right click' on?
  13. As instructed on the forum home page, spent time searching 'temporarily disabling' MBAM, but instructions found (for ex: Apache123 on 21 Aug 2014) seem outdated, the steps do not correspond with what is seen on the settings page for the most recent version. As per instructions posted in Microsoft Community, AV and AntiMalware programs may interfere with successful downloading of large Windows Service Pack updates, and it is recommended that they be temporarily shut-off. I don't believe that this is my problem, but am knocking-out all possible sources one-by-one. If anyone could please post the easiest way for me to do this, I'd be grateful. Thanks.
  14. Sir: Could you please clarify re: the page: 'How do I reset Windows Update components?' I ran the 'Fix-it automatic diagnostic troubleshooter' (which opens immediately upon going to this page): there was no change in 'listed updates' under Windows Updates in the Control Panel. Are you instructing me to perform all the steps listed under: Manually reset Windows Update components? I have not run a disk check, and have no idea how long this takes. Should the disk check and the manual resetting steps be performed in the same session? Thanks for the clarification.
  15. Sir: Followed instructions outlined on Diagnostics entry, the three requested logs are attached. Thanks for your assistance. FRST.txt Addition.txt CheckResults.txt
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