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  1. Is there any functional difference between the "Check for updates" button under the Settings|General tab, and the "Check for updates" that appears under the Settings|About tab? Does one check for application updates and the other for definition updates, or do they both do the same thing?
  2. It's been 48 hours since I installed the latest beta, and all is stable here so far.
  3. I just had another system crash. Details of my Malwarebytes installation are: Malwarebytes version: Update package version: 1.0.18026 Component package version: 1.0.801 I've attached a copy of mbst-grab-results.zip Unfortunately, I do not appear to have file called MEMORY.DMP in my C:\Windows folder. mbst-grab-results.zip
  4. That's an interesting observation. I've been having problems with my Ethernet LAN adapter locking up over the last couple of weeks, and although I blamed Malwarebytes for my BSoD, I never would have guessed it might be responsible for my LAN problems as well. I've just upgraded to the latest beta version of Malwarebytes and re-enabled Web Protection. Will see how things go from here.
  5. Good luck in your search for a "flawless" software product. Let us know if you ever find that unicorn.
  6. I'm also getting the BSOD with the message "What failed: mwac.sys". I'm attaching my log files here. mbst-grab-results.zip
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