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  1. could it be that i have 7 versions of the apk file rom the PUP armour fpr android?
  2. i found a very suspicous file called "cgstatus.txt" in my recent files.WHAT IS THIS i googled it and found a bunch of japanese sites also the screenshots i added show the text inside the file.
  3. Armour For Android

  4. sorry for posting this but i also think you app is skipping files because i have the apk file of armour for android and it did not report as a PUP.
  5. also one last thing it downloaded something called v2356.bin and i deleted it right away
  6. Hello,I just joined this fourm and for some reason when installing apps my avg is acting up.Also i have seen LOTS OF ADS that link to the Scan_For_Viruses_Now.apk PUP On pages (Alot of times they will show up 2 ot 3 times on 1 page) My avg is saying Every other app I install is malware And randomly scans without me pressing the SCAN BUTTON. If you need to know i am running on android 4.4.2 On a Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 8" version i forgot to mention i clicked a link on youtube and it kept redirecting me to malicous websites if that might be it. Thank you for your time.
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