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  1. Thankyou ….. I'll remove it from my exceptions
  2. NewsRover.zip Thanks for the reply I've used versions of S&H's NewsRover for the last 14 years so I had full confidence that this latest version was safe having updated from the developer's website. I unquarantined immediately expecting Bitdefender to flag up any real problem and I've continued to use NewsRover without concern. IIRC the other false report was Simple File Encryptor which is from Sourceforge.
  3. malware.ransom.agent.generic In recent days I've had a couple of false positives involving software where encryption is an option. The latest is the Usenet Newreader ...NewRover v 25 (newsrover.exe was sent to quarantine) I cant remember the first case as I immediately rejected the advice and no system restart had been demanded.
  4. Sorted...thanks Once I'd been able to access my account and deactivate previous installations everything went back to normal. My original password had been created so long ago that it appeared not to match modern requirements for the account pages and yet still OK for this forum
  5. "You have not set up your account. Please check your email for instructions to set up your account." When I try to log in I get this but never receive an email ( not spam filtered ) The ticket system acknowledged my licencing issue but nothing else.
  6. Still waiting and no access to My Account
  7. Thanks for the quick reply...Just submitted a ticket
  8. For those of us who enjoyed a Lifetime Licence as early adopters seems like time is up or am I the only one? The software has only been used on this one home PC but reinstallation is no longer allowed and I've no access to my account to manage events. Strange that I can still log into this forum but not my account .. oh well!
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