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  1. I got my licence for free by the founder of MBAM, he gave it to me on Reddit. It's a premium licence that never expires. So I don't know.
  2. Currently I have an iPhone, but I just purchased an Android, the Galaxy S10 Plus. And I think I will need anti-virus for Android. I have MBAM on my PC, can I use the same licence? Please tell me I can!!
  3. Hi, I just updated Windows 10 to October edition and now MBAM won't turn on ransomware protection.
  4. LMFAO. Dude, hahahahaa. Update your MBAM and restart it.
  5. What do you think high RAM usage does? It crashes your PC. And your licence is unable to connect to the servers.
  6. Thanks, hope it will be fixed fast!! https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/219991-gui-stops-responding-extreme-memory-leak-unable-to-contact-licence-server
  7. I also have problems, I made a thread about this before seeing this.
  8. Hello, so today I encountered a new problem with my MBAM, seemingly out of nowhere. Never had this before. So I woke up, turned my screen on and my PC was completely 'censoreded up'. Loads of things had stopped working, I checked task manager and MBAMService.exe was having extreme memory leaks. I tried shutting it down, unable to. Had to do go through CMD and do it. And everytime, I shut MBAMService.exe down, it automatically started itself again. And it was still leaking, everytime. It went up extremely fast as well, several gigabytes in 30 seconds. CPU, Private memory, RAM. Video example: I have now just tried reinstalling MBAM, restarting my PC several times as well. The memory leak is gone, that's great. BUT, everytime i open the GUI and I click something, it stops responding. Unable to do anything at all in the GUI for 5 minutes. Also MBAM is unable to contact the licence server for some reason. I checked my hosts file and nothing is blocked. UPDATE: As I am writing this, MBAMService.exe has started with the memory leaks again. It's right now using 8 gigabytes, going up fast. Please help, thanks!
  9. So this stupid crypto miner just hijacked my PC. I have tried restarting Chrome, but Malwarebytes still spams me with Website blocked notificaitons. Crypto-Loot.com and ws47.crypto-loot.com and ws25.crypto-loot.com etc. Can anyone help me? I have also scanned my computer, nothing works. How can I get rid of this dumb crypto miner?
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