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  1. The renewal had to happen 2 days ago, but 2 days ago I didn't have enough money on my account, so the license didn't get renewed. Should I wait till a new renewal happens, or do/can I renew the license all by myself?
  2. I tried to update my email address here, but I can't seem to update it. Why, and what can I do? Are some email services forbidden here? I use protonmail.
  3. I also got a notification from MB where it said that libegl.dll is a MalPack trojan. I wonder what's going on, because I didn't download anything from untrustworthy sources.
  4. I know MBAM is not an antivirus, and that's why I also have Avast Premium as antivirus, but MBAM is used for deleting bad programs, and MBAE is for blocking any hacker activity. But I just recently removed SuperAntiSpyware because I felt like it was not useful and I also felt like it was interrupting MBAM and Avast... And I also have a money crisis, that I won't be able to buy much programs that have to be annually paid again. But will MBAM delete spyware too? Or just the rootkits, etc. what MBAM usually removes the most? Is it safe to only have Avast Premium and MBAM and MBAE, or do I need other programs too?
  5. So when I logged in to my computer and I went to the desktop, I received an error window where it said something like "Malwarebytes is no longer protecting your computer because the BETA version has expired. Please contact the Malwarebytes company for a new version." Was that an accurate message, or is someone/something tricking me into thinking that I should uninstall Malwarebytes and search a "new" version?
  6. Ok, I see. But do you know any IT security experts too?
  7. Ok. I see I found these processes on my computer by the way, but they are all stopped: RpcSs RpcEptMapper TermService WinRM RasAuto RasMan RemoteAccess SessionEnv RemoteRegistry vmicrdv vmicheartbeat RpcLocator Are those remote hacking tools?
  8. But on the other hand, I never found anything elsed about me anywhere in the Internet than just my Tumblr, YouTube, and deviantART stuff.
  9. Well, honestly, in Omegle I was all the time fangirling a certain fictional character and I told there all my fantasies with that character and then I told my first name too. So some people got annoyed or they just wanted to know who exactly I am...
  10. Hi. I fear that people spied on me on the webcam but I got a Denial-of-Service attack in last year's December. How do hackers do the Denial-of-Service attacks and how does a person get a RAT in the computer and can hackers spy on the webcam without putting any RATs or with other ways? Are Denial-of-Service attacks done with RATs? I want to know, because I am also doubting if I got hacked... The hackers also once banned me from Omegle and also did the CAPTCHA error to me where I have to always put the CAPTCHA code and the thing that I am not able to connect to Omegle that it says "Error: Cannot connect to Omegle" or where it takes forever to connect and look for strangers. Do they do this with remote hacking, or just something else? Can people hack into others' webcams without any remote hacking? And can RATs be installed in computers without me opening any files or links anywhere? RAT is Remote Access Trojan. And when someone hacks in the remote way, does the computer or any browser or any folder freeze? I want to know... Because I fear I got hacked but then again I doubt I got hacked...
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