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  1. So my cousin bought a brand new pc with those specs: Intel Pentium G4560Asus H110M-RSamsung 8 GB 2133 MHzToshiba 1tb 7200rpm sata 3Inno3D GTX1050-Ti 4 GBLC Power 600H-12MS Phantom Prebuilt pc, it booted very slow first time having bunch of bloatwares we didn't need so I reinstalled the windows. It still feels very slow, i tried bunch of tweaks but nothing. How should and I approach the situation since i am not really sure what to do. I've checked with defraggler(also 13% of defrag takes like 24 hours to defrag which is like wayy to long, 13% on my 5200rpm takes like 20min), says disk state i
  2. So new version is working perfectly except one thing that didn't exist previously, when i alt tab i can see malwarebytes tray application, its always there unless i close malwarebytes permanently. If i select it nothing happens, its just there for no reason... SS: http://imgur.com/a/vi7Eb
  3. Yesterday i switched to another net and i usually turn on antimalware when i go surfing, and it keeps blocking this adress: C:\Windows\System32\svchost.exe 50-60k outbound ports, i scanned my pc with tons of stuff nothing has been found, and neither i did fishy stuff. I think its false?
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