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  1. But how should I know if the issue has been corrected? I can't just blindly install Truecrypt without that knowledge, so I ask you to inform me via this thread if possible.
  2. Many thanks. I'm looking forward to having this problem solved.
  3. Hi, and thanks for taking time to answer I really appreciate. The point I referred wasn't about whether Truecrypt has stopped or not, which is true; but your opinion "if the MBAM product team will be devoting extensive resources to possible compatibility problems with a software product that is no longer developed or supported", as you can see in a section of my comment bellow: Regards.
  4. We can't be on the stack zero because I've said ARK was not enabled and all settings were default. Also, there's an evident problem with the compatibility of malwarebytes and truecrypt, it's not compatible even when ARK is disabled. I don't agree with your point about truecrypt. Even though it's misteriously stopped it's development (which was already stopped since 7.1a in 2012), it's been proven it doesn't contain any malicious code or backdoors in it. So even though it's discontinued people still use it and will probably continue to do so. Not to mention FSF will fork it in a near future, so there's already a "not so good" compatibility you can use it in the future. I'm not sure what the technical reasons are not to make ARK compatible with other encryption tools (and I'd love to see why), but there are good tools like DiskCryptor which is licensed under the beloved GPL and it's under active development. You may consider making MB compatible with it. But since yesterday I decided to ditch Truecrypt, so I won't be having any problems. However, I'm looking forward to an official response on this encryption issue people are having. I'm sure Malwarebytes will stand up to it's name and make v2 compatible with almost everything, thus gaining it's reputation back and, of course, more users -myself included.
  5. Can you scan your HD with Malwarebytes? If not, there are numerous tools for removing rootkits. You can download and run mbar https://www.malwarebytes.org/antirootkit/ If it's a nasty rootkit you can try Malwarebytes chamaleon I'd also recomend you to scan your machine with HitmanPRO as it has 4 antivirus scanners http://www.surfright.nl/en And of course, Kaspersky root kit removal tool http://usa.kaspersky.com/downloads/tdsskiller You can see how to use Chamaleon here:
  6. Oops, attached the wrong image. Sorry, please delete it! Correct image attached:
  7. No problem Happy Holidays everybody. Well, I have good news and bad news for everybody. The good news is, I found the conflicting problem. Bad news is, Malwarebytes was conflicting with Truecrypt; after removing TC completely I can now scan my system (as shown in the attached image). O seriously hope you fix this because there are hundreds of thousands customers who use Truecrypt. I would say "myself included" but I can't purchase a product that conflicts with others I must use, as not using Trucrypt isn't an option.
  8. UPDATE2: UAC doesn't matter, neither that net.conf file posted by a mod here. I noticed my system crashed always while scanning "steam.ink" on my desktop, but removing the file didn't solve the problem. I was thinking, maybe one of Kaspersky's vulnerability fix is causing this. Here's the list: Screenshot (pt_BR)
  9. UPDATE: After FSX Demo outputting errors during it's install (about C++ 2005) I installed C++ 2005, and even though FSX's problems were solved, malwarebytes still causes BlueScreen. I also ran tdsskiller and I'm clean.
  10. Here they are http://www.sendspace.com/filegroup/ZjzwsMYvdcC61dfJnGpCtA
  11. Sorry for hijacking your topic. You just have to wait a little. The staff probably don't get payed to respond And they could be looking for ways to solve your issue.
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