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  1. Well , Finally it's Updated , after 2hours + of Boxes jumping up stating Not Updated , Certainly took their time to Fix the Problem . Philip..
  2. Still Showing out of date here , No 2014.07.09.13 , then say's No Update Available , Surley i've not got to Uninstall the Program an Reinstall to get Latest Update . Regards Philip.
  3. Have the Same Problem here , same version too , just the Red/orange Warning of Databases Out of Date on Task Bar , i Click Update , says it's Checking Updates , then say's There's None Available , worst of it the Darn Box Keeps Popping up asking to Update ,Annoying . Philip
  4. daledoc1 and Tony Klein , Appreciate your replies , at least now i know why it don't show in msconfig , and uses services , and it's been showing in task bar last few days so all Good , Thanks Again , Cheers. Philip .
  5. Hi daledoc1 , Your right , it's the Premium Version i have Installed , sorry for that . Do you know if it Usually Shows in msconfig/startup as it's Not Showing in mine , or is there a way to get it to show in startup , i'll reinstall later if absolutley needed ok .Cheers. Philip..
  6. Hi , New here , Installed Malwarebytes Pro on 10th June , sometimes it auto starts , but not of late , I've Noticed in Msconfig/Startup Malwarebytes Don't Show at all , is there any way i can add it there . I'm sure my old Free Version showed in msconfig , so i'm thinking that's why it don't load some days as it's not showing in Misconfig/Startup . any help Appreciated , Love the Program though ok . Regards Philip.
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