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  1. Capture.PNG.87623eeac36c588fca4dbff09177c809.PNGHi all,

    When I open chrome browser  malwarebytes continuously blocks a site called a.filtonay.com at ip address

    I cannot tack this site down or what is causing chrome to open it all the time 


    Any thoughts ?


  2. HI Guys,


    I have a client who has been running the business version for the last 2 years or so. I am about to remove their old server from the infrastructure setup, its on its last legs and all their software is now cloud based. All their 10 PCs will be spread across two sites in the next week. So in effect they will have 10 stand alone PCs. I have been through the pros and cons and all is understood and accepted by the business owner.


    They are currently licensed for 10 copies and the management console. I am planning to move them to the home version.

    can anyone see any issues with this at all.





  3. Enabling the built in Administrator account did the trick. The technet artical assumes the "Local Users and Groups." is already present on a Windows 7 Machine with MMC, which I think it is not as I had to add it to the MMC on all the machines. It was however easy to add the snap-in to MMC or even call it directly from the search bar via the lusrmgr.msc command.


    What are the chances of the Management server / console being official supported on a non Window Server environment. I ask as it strikes me that to support a client roll out to WORKGROUP machines (which is FAB) would mainly be done in a environment that does not include a server at all.


    With more and more services in the CLOUD (email / storage / Office etc) I would imaging the need for a server in some case not really being required but the requirement for security increasing..... just a thought anyway ..


    Thanks for all the help



  4. Hi Michael,


    Thanks for you help ... all is fine now ... the Management server and console are now seeing the two clients (one local) that are installed so far .. all seems well and good despite not having Windows server in the setup. The rest two roll out next week.


    I have noticed that the business version is 1.7 and the personal version I have at home is 2. Are you able to share any information on when the business version will be upgraded and what the upgrade process might be ?





  5. Ok .. thanks for the info ... fully understand that it is not supported ... though I will say the that the server and console seem to be working fine ... the only issue is that the client install. 


    The workgroup PCs are being picked up on a scan.


    The question is this.


    in the scan network window there is an option to scan and detect client software. It requires domain/username and password. Given that this setup is a workgroup .. what should I enter in the domain\username field. At the moment I am putting in the admin account that is on all workgroup PC's and the password. but I get access denied 


    This output is from the log file 


    2014-06-30 19:34:57.740 INFO  ComputerTest.TestIPAddress: Failed to connect to System error 5 has occurred.  Access is denied.  
    2014-06-30 19:34:57.740 INFO  ComputerTest.TestIPAddress: net use \\\C$ "********" /user:"WORKGROUP\HGE"
    2014-06-30 19:34:57.816 INFO  ComputerTest.TestIPAddress: Failed to connect to System error 5 has occurred.  Access is denied.  
    2014-06-30 19:34:57.817 INFO  ComputerScanAndTest.Execute: IP simulation result: System error 5 has occurred.  Access is denied.  
    2014-06-30 19:34:57.817 INFO  ComputerScanAndTest.Execute: IP simulation result: Detection failed. Access is denied.


    Whilst I fully understand that this is not a support configuration ... this seems more like an authentication error rather than anything else ... ie .. I would bet that if the server was running WIndows Server .. and this PC was not in a domain and in workgroup like it is now I would still be getting the error .. ??



    Does this sound reasonable ?



  6. I read the manual .. and no where does it state that the management console will NOT work in a workgroup environment. 


    I have the management server on a Windows 7 machine with SQL and ISS installed and working, The console is on there too and it seems fine. this issue is logon credentials in a workgroup environment I think.





  7. Hi Guys,


    Installing Malwarebytes for business with End point security .. so tying to install from the management console without much luck.


    The setup is a workgroup environment so with no server / domain or AD. 


    I think authentication is the issue as the error returned is "access is denied", when I use just enter the user name and password without reference to the workgroup or hostname


    When I enter \\Desktopname\username I get a slightly different error


    "Installation failed. The user context supplied is invalid.  More help is available by typing NET HELPMSG 3775"


    Can anyone point me in the right direction for a client install from the console in WORKGOUP setup.


    Also the PC running the console does not seem to MBAM on the same PC ??





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