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  1. Please help, whenever I open my browser a white box with ads in it apears on the right side of my screen and sometimes I get redirects to www.tribe.com or 123srv, Ive used numerous programs and its not in my extensions or plugins, I use windows 8.1 and it is making my computer hard to use, please help
  2. Please help, my computer has some sort of virus/malware and any program I try can't remove it, so far ive tried Mcafe, spybot, bitdefender, malwarebytes and a few more and none of them can detect my issue, it is a white box with links in it on the right hand side of my screen in any type of internet browser I use, its not a plugin, extension or addon or at least I cant find it using windows 8.1, also sometimes there will be redirects to www.tribe.com and a 123srv redirect but most importantly there is also ads at the top f my browser sometimes, it is slowing my internet speed and making my com
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