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  1. Hello again, Curiously, I have just started the XP PC again and now I have the MBAE icon in the task bar and clicking on it confirms the service is running. This is the first I have seen this. I can confirm that since posting the logs above I have not added nor removed any software nor done anything other than normal PC use. And, since there is no support for XP, there have been no OS updates either. I am at a loss to explain this phenomenon and I have been in computing (& programming) long enough to know that systems do not self-repair (at least currently). I have manually stopped and restarted the service several times with no issue. So I trust it is cured but I have absolutely no idea why. I am happy to continue monitoring this issue. Regards
  2. Hello, I confirm having done an uninstall, reboot & fresh install of "mbae-setup-" The problem remains. Please find enclosed mbae-default.log plus URA & SO txt files. Thanks mbae_logs-2.zip
  3. Thank you for your last 2 postings. First above, I am sure I did (at least once) but I will do so again. I am out on business until the weekend when I shall perform your requests; so I thank you for your patience too.
  4. Thank you for the welcome message. I trust this issue and my comments will be productive. Whilst I understand XP is no longer supported by Microsoft, for those of us who need to retain an XP service, MBAE offers a potentially valuable layer of security, so it would be excellent if a solution could be found. I enclose the requested files: Thanks mbae_logs.zip
  5. I have followed with interest the topic "MBAE won't run" by JS Hill as I have the same issue though obviously not the same as the previous thread has been fixed and closed. I have 32bit Windows XP Professional (I need it for programs that are unsupported on other OS). But the set-up differs in that I use "Avast" anti-virus and "Privatefirewall 7.0" I have run Chkdsk etc. etc. and everything appears clean of disk errors and malware but when starting: mbae-svc.exe -install I get the message: ......... CmdInstallService(600): Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit Service failed to start. Trying to start the service via services.msc momentarily starts the service (it is seen in the task list) but then stops almost immediately. I have two Windows 7 64bit PCs and an old Vista 32bit PC with the same Avast & Privatefirewall 7.0 set-up and MBAE runs with no problems. The only other unusual feature (of all these PCs) is that the OS & Programs are on SSDs with most everything else running on spinners using NTFS junctions. The same set-up is used across all OS; XP, W7, WVista. Any ideas about the XP failure would be gratefully received. Thanks
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