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  1. I think I understand-thanks for your patience!! So, it does not say when viruses are removed and what or where they were? Also, would you please tell me what are "shields". There needs to be some information and instructions for an idiot like myself!
  2. Maybe I have it and don't understand. In comparision to my version of the simple free malawarebyes I can scan when I want to, see what viruses are present, delete them, and run the program to scan whenever I choose. What I have in this program I can turn on the protection (running) or turn it off-Does this one run all the time automatically?
  3. I understand how to run and or not run it- that is all it will let me do except view the boxes across the top!
  4. AntiExploit premium!! I know somewhere along my installation it said "free". I followed instructions to the tee and I never disabled it-
  5. at the very bottom (to the left of license Id) it says malwarebytes anti-exploit (no premium)
  6. thank you for responding- yes, the top says malwarebytes anti-exploit premium at the very top and the big letters say the same except for the "premium"-sounds like I have it but cannot do anything but turn it off and on-
  7. I failed to advise you that my License ID is listed across from Malware Anti-Exploit which looks like I am activated but still can do nothing but run or not run
  8. I just replied but am not sure it went thorough as I am not very computer literate. To the left of "activate" is where you can click to get the business portion of premium. I clicked it yesterday and a box came up to type in my ID and Key which I copied and pasted. After that, everything still the same.
  9. yes, that is what I am seeing- yesterday I clicked on the business part (just to the left of activate) and the activate word went black so I was able to click on it and a box came up for me to type my ID and Key but still the same screen you are showing with nothing else-
  10. I tried to activate the button but nothing happens-I did click on the business part and typed in my ID and Key in that slot but still can do nothing but run and not run-
  11. The "activate" button is not lighted and will not respond to clicking or other ways of trying to open it
  12. Three days ago I purchased the premium edition of anti-exploit but I think I got some free edition because i cannot do anything in the thing that comes up except run and not run- I tried to put my ID and Key into the "business" slot but still no functions except run and not run-help
  13. I just spotted your message in your profile feed. Alas, we cannot provide support there. I assume you are a home user with a home computer (not a business or enterprise customer)? If you are having trouble with Malwarebytes Anti-Malware (MBAM), then please start a new topic here: https://forums.malwarebytes.org/index.php?/forum/41-malwarebytes-anti-malware-help/. OTOH, if you are having a problem with Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit (MBAE), then please start a new topic here: https://forums...

  14. I paid for anti-exploit premium but all i can load is the free version

    1. mooney99


      today i purchased the anti-exploit premium version but all that is on my computer is the free

      version. I put the id and key numbers into the "business purchase" slots but still cannot do

      anything except run and close the application-HELP

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