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  1. Thanks for the replies, guys. I haven't used those 2 keys for a long time. Probably years. I'm really hoping that they aren't invalidated permanently now. I don't really care whether they get reactivated or I just get two new lifetime keys put into my account, as long as I get what I paid for. I'm willing to be patient and wait for someone from Malwarebytes support to look into my case. I know that these things can take time, but hopefully not too long. In the meantime, I ended up using one of my fresh new 1 year/3 PC licences from a boxed copy I bought at Best buy. I really wish that could've been avoided but c'est la vie.
  2. Hello, I purchased a total of 6 lifetime keys directly from the Malwarebytes website several years ago. I went to go activate MBAM on my new computer and found out that two keys that I wasn't using are blacklisted. On my Malwarebytes account page they show up as "Canceled." I don't understand how a lifetime key can be canceled. I am also very diligent to deactivate the key on an old PC when moving it to a new one and I keep track on which PC goes what key. I see that there are others on these forums having issues same as mine. I've created a support ticket 2694752. I have 4 lifetime keys in use on 4 computers without an issue, but for some reason 2 other lifetime keys are canceled. Please help and thank you
  3. Sorry for the late reply. I got some one to from support look into it and the licenses eventually started working Weird glitch.
  4. It's been a good while since I've created a support ticket and posted on these here forums. Any chance anyone's going to get back and help me figure out the license issues that I'm having?
  5. Thanks, Firefox. Much appreciated for the help.
  6. I'm trying to install this on a brand new HP tower with a clean Win 10 reload from a Microsoft's ISO (to debloat all of that HP "value added" software). No need for troubleshooting the unit for malware because I'm having issues with licenses specifically and on several other units. Thanks though. I'm very frustrated now with Malwarebytes as a company in general. All of my lifetime keys work fine but all of the 1 year boxed copies that I have still don't work, and still no answer from the support ticket that I've submitted earlier in the week. I'm also having technical difficulties with the software itself on several units. Auto upgrading to latest ver has 50/50 success rate. Some units have installed just fine and on some MBAM errored out and decided to just uninstall itself. Web protection sometimes doesn't load at a bootup. Definition updates fail to install. The only way I can fix these problems is by uninstalling MBAM with REVO, using Malwarebytes Removal Tool and then reinstalling the software. These problems happen on multiple units that I manage and from what it looks like in the forums I'm not the only one complaining about similar bugs. I've also noticed that the detection ratio for MBAM has dropped significantly when compared from before. But that's another story. What happened to the great software it once used to be? Is there's anyone from MBAM team that can help me with the current license issues that I'm having? I have 4 brand new, one year keys that I cannot use at the moment. Thanks.
  7. Hi, I have a few MBAM and MBAE keys that I bought from BestBuy that I can't seem to activate. They came in boxed copies with a physical CDs and a little slip of paper with the 2 activation keys. This was back when MBAM and MBAE were sold as separate products. Each box contains a key for activating MBAM and MBAE, but I'm having trouble activating 1 year premium regardless which key I input in MBAM 3.0. I get a green check mark next to the ID field but the Key field stays greyed out. I've already submitted a support ticket, but I'm wondering if it's something super easy that I've missed. Thanks
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