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  1. Thanks for your response Phil. Yes, I agree - just thought I'd check things out on the forum.
  2. Hi exile360, Thanks for your advice, that is reassuring. I hadn't been aware of any compatibility issues either until contacting Bitdefender. Perhaps they are just covering themselves and it is a standard response based on commercial rather than technical considerations
  3. Hi, I contacted Bitdefender support about a Bitdefender VPN issue and they informed me that Bitdefender Total Security 2019 is only fully compatible with MBAM 3 free and suggested turning off Real time protection in MBAM. As far as I am aware I have had no compatibility issues and both software suites run OK together. (The VPN issue was not related to a compatibility issue but they still advised me to turn off MBAM 3 real time protection). I have read a few posts on the topic suggesting entering MBAM files in Bitdefender exclusions ( I did this when I had Kaspersky) but everything seems to be working OK. Would appreciate any advice or feedback on this topic.
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