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  1. I suppose that makes sense, and I should have thought of it myself. Thank you for your answer. Since this is apparently not a false positive, feel free to do what you want with this post.
  2. Oh. This is going to sound stupid, but why do you penalize legitimate sites that use illegitimate hosting?
  3. I stand corrected. When I was able to access hub.spigot.org, the reason was that I forgot to remove it from my exceptions. Upon removing it, I was once again blocked from accessing the page.
  4. How does Spigot violate the Malwarebytes Software Piracy Policy? I know all about that DMCA business they were dealing with, but the issue has been resolved. Instead of distributing illegal downloads of the compiled jar, the distribute a jar file that downloads and compiles the source code on your computer. It's a workaround but it's not illegal. Earlier when I tried to access the site through a web browser, it was blocked. It appears that at this time, I can access the site without the need to add it to my website exceptions. Can somebody please fill me in on this Voxility thing? I've Go
  5. It would appear that the Spigot dev hub has been blacklisted in the Malwarebytes database. Spigot is a derivative of the modded Minecraft server software, Bukkit. For whatever reason, adding the dev hub to my exception list allowed me to access it through a web browser, but it caused other problems that could only be fixed by temporarily disabling malicious website protection. http://www.spigotmc.org/threads/spigot-1-8-compiling-problems.36714/
  6. Did a complete uninstall with the cleaner again followed by a reinstall. Chrome is still sluggish and Malwarebytes still uses has heavy disk usage when scanning. The problem is by no means solved and it takes Google Chrome lots of time to work, but I have verified that Malwarebytes does decrease it's disk usage whenever I launch another program.
  7. I'm not running a scan on my computer at the moment so I decided to check out how Google Chrome behaves when the disk usage is low or nonresistant. I opened Task Manager and waited for a little bit to verify that my disk usage was low. For most of the time, disk usage remained at o% with the occasional minor jump. I then navigated to random websites in one Google Chrome tab with minimal effect on disk usage. Upon opening a new tab, the usage rose slowly and capped at 100%. I've known for some time that Google Chrome is very resource consuming but it becomes really bad when Malwarebytes is scan
  8. I am not using any firewall other than the one built into Windows, and the only other anti-virus I have installed is the one that's built into Windows 8/8.1. The PUPs that are quarantined all come from OpenCandy, which was the result of my installing running various installer programs on my computer when installing software. Are you sure the Threat scan is supposed to be quick? Threat scan does a scan of lots of stuff so I wouldn't expect it to be abnormal for it to take a long time. I don't know what happened with the truncated log, so here it is again, round 2. Addition.txt FRST.txt
  9. I tried a clean install prior to making this post, so I'm going to move on and try the log files instead. The scan mode that I am using on my computer is the one that does the most complete (Threat) scan. My laptop is not really that old so I don't think it's got anything to do with the hardware. I am running Windows 8.1 Pro x64 on an HP ProBook 4540s that I purchased about 2.5 years ago. If you are talking about it being obsolete, the fact that it is that old means that it is indeed obsolete, but hardware wise it should be able to handle Malwarebytes. Here are my logs. FRST.txt Addition.txt C
  10. For some time now, I have been having an issue with Google Chrome performance whenever Malwarebytes is scanning my computer. Obviously, my computer is never as efficient when Malwarebytes is scanning because of high disk usage, but the decrease in performance seems to hit Google Chrome real hard. For whatever reason, whenever Malwarebytes is scanning, Google Chrome is extremely sluggish with launching or opening a new tab and loading a page for the first time. Once I have a tab open, navigating between pages is not an issue, but if I open a new tab to navigate in, it takes forever. Also, if I
  11. I'm glad to hear that this problem has been fixed, as I was about to report it myself. Out of curiosity, what could have caused such a thing to happen?
  12. Since installing MBAE on my computer, I have been having an issue with Google Chrome crashing and getting a "Google Chrome has stopped working" message from Windows. I am using Windows 8 Pro x64 with the latest version of both MBAM and MBAE. The problem with the crashing seems to occur whenever I open a new tab, but it does happen without me doing it as well. For now I have been able to avoid the problem by disabling the Google Chrome shield. What could be the problem here? Attached to this post is the MBAE log from my ProgramData folder. I've looked through it and from what I can tell, someth
  13. Please don't feel pressured, but could you give us an ETA for the new MBAE version?
  14. You may lock this post if you want. I have figured out what the problem was. The problem was not with MBAE, but with Chrome. I brought the issue up on the Google Chrome forums and everything was fine.
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