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  1. Thanks for all of your help! I have run the programs and cleaned the computer. If I have any further problems, I will get in touch with you.
  2. Will this update have the newer format or look like the 1.75 in format? Also, have we finished what we need to do and am I good to go now? Did you ever figure out what infected me in that systeme32.exe file? And was there a way to see how if came through? I have been extremely proactive about keeping my computers and laptops clean and always am very careful about my activity on the internet and rarely download other than to keep programs current, etc. I would like to know if there are further steps needed. Thanks for all of your help.
  3. Good morning. All is well. The program updated in the background last night and is at vs. 2014.08.02.02 this morning. What next?
  4. Did the uninstall, ran the cleanup, installed the 1.75 version with update unchecked. Loaded correctly on start up and the malicious website protection appears to be working correctly. The database is out of date 400 + days. Next step? I am not going to update until you tell me to. Thanks!
  5. ok. McAfee disabled and Mbam uninstalled and mbam clean run. Reinstalled using the link you gave. Update would not complete. Turned off malicious website protection and update completed. Reinstated McAfee. So we are still in the same position for that. Did not need to update the regsitry/account as they are still there.
  6. Good evening. Combofix found one infection. Log attached. Has there been a work around or update that will allow real time malicious web site protection in the Mbam program? ComboFix.txt What exactly was that infection and can you tell how it came through? And how to prevent future invasions? There are still lag times on connecting to websites. Not as bad as it was though. Thanks!
  7. Hello Gringo. Attached are the scans requested. As far as proxy, no I am not. I use a portable USB modem from US Cellular to access internet. Speeds yesterday were horrible and there was significant lag time in connections. Speed is better this morning and this evening. Also, now only one Malwarebytes icon shows in tray since Saturday. Did not do anything to change that. The adware cleanup tool showed StumbleUpon in the scan however I unchecked that as I use this program for promotion/advertising purposes for my business. Thanks and let me know what's next.JRT.txtAdwCleanerR1.txtAdwCleanerS1.txt
  8. Hello! I have attached the reports. I also now have (again) two malware programs showing in my taskbar tray - 7.24.1 shows on both. Addition.txtFRST.txt
  9. I forgot to add that I still cannot access internet when the malicious website detection is turned on. It is 11:12 am and the update is now at 2014.7.23.4.
  10. Good morning. Arrived home yesterday. Thanks for checking back. System has been running just the one Malwarebytes since yesterday. Not sure what happened to change that. I did not remove or change anything in connection with that as I was gone and laptop was completely off the entire time. The last update to the Malwarebytes shows 2014.7.22.11. It is now 7/23 and it is 9:14 am. Not sure how often the program should update in the background. I removed Samsung SAgent yesterday as this was hanging up log off and had been for some time. Did the research to see if I needed it. Speed is better although Firefox gives me a "not responding" message quite frequently. Also received an error message on Explorer (I have to use that to connect to work) that Explorer was corrupted and that the system was taking things back down to the original search bar with some strange name that started with an "s". I exited that immediately. Sorry I did not catch the name. Just did not want whatever was trying to start up to complete. Both the Firefox and Explorer issues are new. Had not had them before. I have run a number of programs trying to see if I have an infection since my original post because I had not heard back. All were programs recommended in your forums and I have come up with nothing. So it is extremely puzzling to me what has happened but I do not want to just assume all is well now. Thanks in advance for any help you can give me. Heads up that this is my home laptop and I will be here today and can respond during the day today. Otherwise, I will be mostly doing the tasks you give me in the evenings starting tomorrow.
  11. Thanks for the reply. Still having issues, however, there has been a death in the family and I am not in town to be in front of my computer. System is running two malwarebytes at one time even though I have uninstalled using recommended program and the computer also is slow, and hangs quite a bit. Malwarebytes does not seem to be updating correctly either. When I get back, and it will be a few days, I will post again. Would be mind checking back to see when I post again? I really would like to get this issue fixed. My laptop was great until that install of the newest malware I am almost ready to take it to be wiped but I am also told that may not fix the problem either. Thanks again. Talk soon.
  12. This is what I posted previously so that you have the history. I am attaching the Frst.txt and Addition.txt I have a premium lifetime subscription and last night I received the updated version to download. I did so and when I asked it to update and scan it would not update. Stopped the update and ran a scan. 37 pups found and quarantined. Tried to again update and discovered I could not access internet. Since this was the only change to my computer, I uninstalled and was able to access internet. Did a reinstall. Same problem. Uninstalled and then ran the mbam clean program recommended in the forums. Two subsequent removal and reinstalls later, I found that if I turned off the button for malicious website protection in settings, I was able to access internet. This leaves me with a message stating that my computer is not safe. Ran another scan (the updates worked this time) and 114 pups were found. Which leads me to believe they came in on the installs (37x3 = 111). Ran a scan again this morning, program updated correctly, and nothing further was found, although the malicious website protection is still turned off and I still have the message that my computer is unsafe. I also used the anti rootkit program and it found nothing. I have Windows 8, use Firefox (which is current), McAfee. Windows firewalls are turned off so as not to conflict with McAfee. I enabled the plugin for Firefox for McAfee for "safe website" monitoring. Help please? Addition.txt FRST.txt
  13. Good evening! I am attaching the Frst.txt, Addition.txt, and CheckResults.txt files. Thanks for your help! Addition.txt CheckResults.txt FRST.txt
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