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  1. I was going to give you give you my old Ferrari. But it's already 3 years old so you probably wouldn't want it anyway.
  2. ..... and ....... I am actually relieved that it's an in-house issue. Better that than thinking someone is out to get me. Firefox: Just close your eyes and point to the list. I'll take it from there. LOL.
  3. Thank you VERY much Firefox! I click on the link you sent and she's up and running once again! I was getting worried. What would you like for Christmas? Do you think the Malwarebytes 'update notice' popup was a PUP or just malfunctioned?
  4. I got an "update" notice from Malwarebytes but when I clicked on it my whole Malwarebytes Premium completely disappeared. Even my anti-virus program vanished. Was the "update" a PUP or virus or hijack? What should I do now?
  5. I have taken your advice. It is up and running now. I don't know if the problem is solved but I guess I'll know soon enough. Thank you so much for your excellent help!
  6. Why do my “Real Time Protective Layers” keep shutting off from my Premium Malwarebytes 3.2.2? For a whole week now I am getting 5 or 6 daily warnings that they are “shut off” and that I must manually put them on again.
  7. I must thank you again. I followed your advice and everything is now hunky-dory! I'm sure I'll be going "premium" when the free trial runs out. Thank you!
  8. Thank you for your reply! I tried once more to download it but still nothing so I will follow the advice you have given me. Thank you again!
  9. I have clicked on the FreeTrial DOWNLOAD button 12 million times but nothing! It does a little slip-waiting and then NOTHING. Nowhere to found on my hard disk either. It just isn't there. Is the malwareon my computer preventing Malwarebytes from downloading?
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