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  1. GlassWire https://www.glasswire.com/ Its not complaining, just reports when things alter (anything not just Malwarebytes Anti Exploit)
  2. Hi just installed One of my security programs flagged this .... have you changed your application publisher from Malwarebytes corporation to ZeroVulnerabilty Labs Inc ?
  3. was not sure where to post above feel free to move to appropiate place
  4. Hi just to say after running a scan was asked for compete database update then all is fine. Now I can include a scan for rootkits I have bitlocker switched on for all drives
  5. Hello this could be a silly question but here goes If a program uses a service do you have to Shield both the .exe and the service ?
  6. Hi Was wondering if anyone has a Shield for Paint.Net and what type they use "other" or "PDF" ? mbae64.dll injects with "other so assume this is ok
  7. To add to this would it would be good if the "deactivated" Shields changed colour as well as unlocking ?
  8. Hi, Anti-Rootkit BETA + Bitlocker are they compatable ? I have just foundout they are not on Malwarebytes Anti-Malware
  9. Ok after searching the Forum (sorry) I have discoverd it could be that i have Bitlocker encription can anyone confirm
  10. Hi When i run a threat scan with "Scan for rootkit" enabled in settings i get Scanner failed Error code 20026 Unable to load Rootkit-Driver 20026 If i untick "Scan for Rootkit" it runs fine showing no Malware can anyone help plz Peter Win 7 x 64 Ultimate fully updated
  11. I can do it as you say but it wont remember the setting so i have to keep doing it each time i look at the log, its only a minor niggle but wonder if it could be altered ?
  12. Hi I have a request On the Log Tab could you make the Date column slightly wider to show all date and time ? so i don't have to manually do it each time i look at logs
  13. Ok Pedro, I will hang on and let you know if the upgrade works for me.
  14. hehe hurry .... I want to check if the auto update works on my computer.
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