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  1. I can provide the exported eset smart security premium settings. I am a little reserved about doing so though.. eset smart security premium has a password manager and I don't want any of that data going out. also I have passworded the access to the settings of the program. the only changes that have been made recently to ESET was the adding of exclusions to the directories and executables that are for MBAM, but that was several months ago and at mbam support staff direction. the only recent ESET blocks come from the parental blocking which I have setup to block online advertising and sites known for spreading malicious content (jscript Trojans, drive by downloads, malware, etc....). The only recent detections have been for a non-malicious type files detected as a hacktool (it was a HEX editor that allowed editing of memory and disk contents that I was using for a school project). MBAM also detected and tried to block this software. I guess security/AV is real sensitive these days about anything that might be used to allow illegally obtained software (again, not what I was using the 'hacktool' software for) to be run. Not that that is a bad thing since the crack/hacks for illegal software often contain viruses and Trojans and the like. Anyways.... did the logs I sent contain any info on the running of the setup file that failed due to a access is denied error? I could not find it on my own when I tried too look for it. Since the esetconfig.xml could potentially contain sensitive personal data I will send it via PM.
  2. was just perusing the gathered log files and I noticed a slight error in the generated log MBST-check-results. it isn't anything major, more like a slight oversight. the log lists my primary and secondary drives as being 1Tb in size. this is incorrect. both drives are 2Tb is size. or when formatted, 1.80 and 1.81 Tb (respectively) in size. it seems the program which generates the log is either unable to detect the .80(.81) after the 1, or is rounding the size down, not up. (I was taught back in the day that when rounding, anything over 5 should be rounded up so 1.80 should be detected as 2). like I said, it isn't anything major, just an oversight or something. the percent of free space was accurate (I think), it's just the detected size of the drive.
  3. mbst-grab-results.zipmbst-grab-results.zipoops didn't see the note from liquidtension. Yes I am willing to send any log I might have. just keep in mind that the MBAM directories got emptied out during the failed setup run. this possibly includes any logs that got created during the failed setup run. I noticed that MBAM now has a link to the support tool in the settings>about tab. I also noticed the support tool now has a repair function. That's awesome! I will add that to my troubleshooting steps next time I have an issue. mbst-grab-results.zip
  4. I am no longer having any issues. I was just reporting a bug I ran into when I ran the latest version of mbam setup
  5. Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 x64 I do not need help, this is simply a report of a bug I encountered while trying to install re-install MBAM I booted up my system today and was told by MBAM that my real-time protection was no longer working. while running through various normal troubleshooting steps, I discovered In the system event logs, that there was an error saying that MBAM could not start real-time protection because it could not find a specified file. my system is clean and has no corruption, so knowing sometimes this happens, I decided to download the latest version from the website and do a setup upgrade/reinstall. everything was going fine until I suddenly received an error message that said "Setup was unable to create the directory "c:\programdata\malwarebytes\mbamservice". Error 5 : Access is denied." I have manually checked the directory, and the directory, if it existed originally, no longer exists, or any other file in the "c:\programdata\malwarebytes\" directory. I know for a fact that there were files there previously. I don't know why setup is unable to create files there suddenly. setup was also unable to rollback changes. this is most likely due to what ever is blocking setup from installing mbam in the first place. running setup a second time, the process succeeded, which makes me believe it was a bug in the setup software. real-time protection also started working again after setup successfully ran.
  6. between now and when I last posted, I performed a reset operation on the surface pro. I did choose to keep personal files, but all installed apps got removed. there weren't very many apps to begin with installed, so it wasn't a problem. when I went to reinstall mbam (latest version), I thought I would have to go and track down my license info, but much to my surprise, mbam was already activated with my license info. when I looked at the event viewer, there were still messages about mbam, but they were only informational, no errors, or warnings about mbam were present. If this is the solution to those 0xc00000005 and 0xc00000035 errors, this poses a problem for me and many other windows 7 OEM users, as normally we don't have the OS installation files for doing a repair or even a clean install. in my case, my only options seems to be do a factory restore, or upgrade to windows 8 Pro or windows 10 Pro (I have valid licenses for both). for now I will use what repair options I have available to see if I can get anywhere, mainly chkdsk, sfc, and dism.
  7. tried to go back to thelast version of mbam (3.3.1) that was on the surface since it did not cause any errors, but as soon as it started to update the definitions, the exploit protection turned off and the event viewer said the anti exploit service could not start because it was not a valid win32 application. I don't know if this is because of an error in the update files, or because I was using an old version of mbam.
  8. problem seems to have been solved. but the events in the event viewer seem to be a separate issue. I updated my copy of MBAM on my surface pro, and as soon as it updated, the error I noted above, the 0xc000005 and the 0xC0000035 errors started showing up on that device too. It would appear that the mbamtray/qt5core.dll and the mbamswissarmy errors are in the current version MBAM. the errors appear to be nonfatal, so everything should be alright. My PC is Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 x64 the Surface Pro is running (of course) Windows 10 Pro (1809) looking around the forum, others are seeing this error as well
  9. umm... the link you gave was for v4.0 of eset AV, I am using Eset Smart Security Premium 12. so the options are different. I have an option to exclude processes, and an option to exclude files and directories. which one should I choose?
  10. here are the mbam support tool logs asked for mbst-grab-results.zip mbst-clean-results.txt
  11. I have been noticing that lately that recently my copy of MBAM has not been able to turn on web protection at start up. a look at the event viewer shows that mbamtray.exe failed to start with a 0xc000005 error with faulting module Qt5core.dll. I can restart the mbam service to get everything working again, but then an event in the event viewer appears that says "Session "MBAMSwissArmy" failed to start with the following error: 0xC0000035" I am unable to determine what the second error means, I know the 0xc0000005 is basically a access denied error. but I don't know why mbam is being denied access to it's own files. I have the mbam support tool, and it asked me to restart after hitting the repair button. but I have yet to determine if the issue is fixed yet.
  12. just checked my subscription again, and my device (my pc) has disappeared once more, but one of the licenses is still being used. time to light the support signal.....
  13. ok thanks. I may have hit the "big red button" prematurely. should it occur again, I will let MBAM support handle the issue. looking at the recent forum posts, there are a few other people who may or may not be dealing with a similar issue. I don't know how widely known the my.malwarebytes.com site is to registered MBAM users, but it seems to be the main way to go for license and activation server side issues (for the most part). I discovered when I went to reactivate my dads surface pro's copy of MBAM that you can actually activate MBAM for a device directly from the website. much better than having to enter the id and key manually

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