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  1. already? wow that was fast!
  2. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DX-Ball wiki page on the software
  3. had a false report (confirmed) the other day, now yet another one suddenly is detected. this time it is the setup for an old game called DX-Ball. it is a free game from ages ago. the site for it no longer exists, but it can be found and downloaded still from Archive.org. I have included the log and the file sample. DX-BALL is a brick breaker game based off of an old Atari game. it has been around for ages, I played it back in my Win9x days, and still occasionally play DX-Ball today on Win10. I would not keep using the software if I even suspected it had malware attached to it. So i believe that this is a false identification report.txt DXBall19.zip
  4. lol ok.... here are the files. to save time I asked MBAM to scan only the file in question, but the alert originally occurred during a normal scheduled system scan Bochs-2.6.9.exe.7z scan results.txt
  5. ok is it ok if i zip up the file (it's not large, i just don't want to post an executable file)
  6. by sample, you mean the file that got marked as malware, correct?
  7. yes will unquarantine and will re-run scan
  8. looks like i may have posted this to wrong forum category.... if this is the case, would a mod please move the thread for me?
  9. can someone explain to me why BOCHS is being detected as malware? it is probably the thing furthest from that. It is an open source VM program, like Hyper-V. If BOCHS is malware, then why is hyper-v, notdetected as malware as well?
  10. sorry i goofed.... and missed a digit from the windows image i posted above.... image is from windows 10 pro 1909 build 18363.753
  11. image attached shows the security provider page in Windows 10 Pro 190 build 18363.753
  12. this is what i was refering too. it could register as anti-spyware and i guess later on, virus protection. I personally do not see MBAM as a anti-virus solution. I see it as more of a complimentary to Anti-virus solution and more of a Web Protection program. I am not the only one who agrees with this sentiment. if you google "is malwarebytes an antivirus program" you will find plenty of similair opinions. I also had a quote from an expert on anti-malware security, but i can't seem to find the link i went to that i saw the quote on. Anyone who has issues running their AV side-by-side with MBAM should visit this link - https://www.howtogeek.com/230158/how-to-run-malwarebytes-alongside-another-antivirus/ spoiler - it basicly tells you to run MBAM the way I said i did in an earlier post in this thread. I.E. turn off the toggle for registering of MBAM in windows security center. If my suggestion gets added, then I would defintitly have it registered as an Web Protection software since not not even the software i currently use ESET Smart Security Premium or even Defender are able to register as Web Protection. by default windows has no web protection providers, and as far as I'm able to tell, the link in security center for "Find Security Providers" do not exist in the Windows Store.
  13. also you said it had three settings but only listed two.... so what was the third setting?
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