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    Price Malwarebytes Anti-Malware not correct

    @celee OK sorry for my mistake & thank you for the correct Malwarebytes link.
  2. The price of Malwarebytes Anti-Malware on a Dutch website is not correct. Click on Bestel direct (Order immediately): Or click on Buy now (scroll down):
  3. @ GraigS, Thank you. No, I don't purchased MBAM Anti-Exploit and I don't get any error when I launch MBAM. MBAM is updated v.3.2.2.
  4. @ MikeW, Thank you for the quick response, which is appreciated
  5. I received an email message to setup my Malwarebytes Account. Love to know is this message legitiem? FYI: I have 2 x desktop version of Malwarebytes Premium Lifetime Subscription for Windows OS, bought in the past. Thank you in advanced.
  6. @dcollins I found a thread about HxTsr at Microsoft Community.
  7. @dcollins Meaning outlook.office 365.com isn’t a malicious website? Thank you very much for your explanation, that is appreciated. I have to take over the ownership to find HxTsr.exe, after Windows Explorer couldn’t find it. Just to find out to which program HxTsr.exe belongs, because I don’t like Microsoft's sneaky behavior on my computer. There are so many articles about ‘Microsoft doesn’t respect consumer privacy’. OK, I will change back the ownership to TrustedInstaller tomorrow. Thank you.
  8. MBAM Pro warning did not showup again, I think because I had take over the ownership from the folder WindowsApp - BrowserCore. But why is an outbound connection to outlook.office365.com made when the laptop is off?, and as I told before I am not an outlook.office365 user. Can you clarify to me?
  9. The update package version is 1.0.1978.
  10. The Malicious Windows App is BrowserCore. The WindowsApp folder was not accessible, then I have changed the owner of the folder from TrustedInstaller to me. The question is can I delete BrowserCore?
  11. MBAM Pro v. is installed on my laptop Windows 10 Home. When I startup my laptop at 20:59 h. a MBAM Pro warning showup directly: MBAM Pro has blocked an outgoing connection to a Malicious website namely outlook.office365.com. I do not use Microsoft Office 365. Windows Explorer could not find HxTsr.exe MBAM Pro blocked the Malicious website since 17:20:59 when the laptop was off. The report of MBAM Pro: -Blocked Website Details- Malicious website: 1 ,, Blocked, [-1], [-1], 0.0.0 -Website data- Domain: outlook.office365.com IP Address: Gate: [53805] Type: Outgoing File: C: \ Program Files \ WindowsApps \ microsoft.windowscommunicationsapps_17.8126.42377.0_x64__8wekyb3d8bbwe \ HxTsr.exe
  12. Rai_03

    HandBrake question

    Hi Thomas, Thank you for your guick response, which is appreciated.
  13. Is MBAM for Mac aware that the HandBrake server has been compromised? See the following links: Mirror download server compromised. Announcements HandBrake forum. What to do if an update has been completed on 02 May 2017? Thank you.

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