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  1. A change in icon colour perhaps? You would know it's working by looking at the stats. Turning off the numbers on the icon would be an OPTION and not MANDATORY. It's the same with any ad blocker or any I've used anyway. Why do I need to know that 1, 5, 50, 158 or 67,890 ads have been blocked on a page (extremely exaggerated numbers there [I hope])?
  2. Not really sure how to title this, so I've just done an exert of the post. This should also be relevant to ALL browsers that support this plugin. I have recently installed Browser Guard on Chrome [ 79.0.3945.117 (Official Build) (64-bit)] (I am a long time Premium user) and I was wondering if it was possible to remove the display of the count of ads / trackers blocked on the icon. I know it doesn't change the way the plugin works and it's only cosmetic, but I don't need to know how many it's blocked, just that it's working. If this is not currently available, could I make a request for this to be implemented in a future release? Thanks
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