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  1. I'm not a fan of the new look. I prefer the old UI. But a dark or more toned-down color scheme would help a lot. The bright blue and white background with huge white rectangles is too much.
  2. Malwarebytes Browser Guard works great on the new Microsoft Chromium-based Edge as well. It can run any extension in the Chrome store.
  3. That's correct! I just excluded and installed LDPlayer installer and simply unchecked the optional offers. Thanks.
  4. Wow, that was fast! Thanks for the quick response. Support like this is one thing that makes Malwarebytes premium worthwhile. I'm going to exclude it for now and keep my fingers crossed that Fusioncore isn't too annoying lol.
  5. Hello. I downloaded and attempted to install a well-known Android emulator called LDPlayer on my Windows 10 laptop. Malwarebytes quarantined the installer ("LDPlayer_ens_3010_ld.exe"), but I believe this is a false positive. I scanned this file using Windows Defender after restoring from quarantine and no issues were detected. Installer and log are attached. LDPlayer_ens_3010_ld.zip Malwarebytes LDPlayer false positive report 20191120.txt
  6. Malwarebytes is blocking the Clatter Windows app from making an outbound connection to This IP address checks out okay when I scan it on safeweb.norton.com (identified as WeChat). Since the Clatter app makes outbound connections for many different messaging platforms, I had it in my exclusion list. However, Clatter's executable path includes the current version number, so the most recent version no longer matches my exclusion. When I try to add the new path, Windows denies permission to access the WindowsApps folder—even though I gave permission as admin. -
  7. Here's my complete update history since installing the W10 1809 feature upgrade in October. A driver and a couple Windows Defender definitions were installed after the response time issue was resolved. Windows Updates.csv
  8. Update [2019.01.10 10:50 AM]: The problem is resolved for now, but I'm not sure about the exact cause. Due to the pending W10 updates, I decided to reenable all services and startup programs that were disabled before clean boot, reenable Malware protection, apply the Windows updates, reboot and test again from original state + Windows updates. Result: No more long waits or general sluggishness; performance is like new again. I achieved this same result by disabling real-time Malware protection. This seems to support your suspicion of a conflict between Malwarebytes and something—which app
  9. P.S. Some Windows updates are pending which could impact this issue, so I'm going to reenable everything, apply the updates and start over again. If performance is fine after the updates with all Malwarebytes Real-Time protection on, it will spare me from the whole clean boot/unit testing process. ------------------------------------------------- P.P.S. boombastik: Thanks for the suggestion, but I've already discovered that disabling Malware protection OR clean boot with all Real-Time protections on resolves the issue. Even if disabling self-protection also worked on my system, it wi
  10. exile360, I'm going to try clean boot as suggested by LiquidTension first to see if something is conflicting with Malwarebytes. After that, if the issue is still unresolved, I'll try re-enabling Malware protection, disabling Web protection and see if that setting also resolves the sluggishness. If so, I'll be happy to leave it off and try the browser extensions. LiquidTension, I just did a clean boot as instructed. All Malwarebytes Real-Time protection settings are on. After nearly two hours using Chrome, Clatter, Firefox and numerous other apps, I've had zero response time issues. Everyt
  11. I see a lot of posts about Malwarebytes 3 causing Windows 7 to become unresponsive. I want to join those reporting this problem on Windows 10 as well. In recent months, I noticed my laptop feeling sluggish, occasionally becoming unresponsive for > 10 seconds. I blamed Windows and soldiered on. In December 2018, Chrome suddenly became unusable with every control and website freezing for 20 seconds or more before finally responding. I went through recommended troubleshooting steps all the way up to complete reset/reinstall. Nothing helped. Edge and Firefox were usually responsive, but no
  12. Just ran across this helpful thread. I agree with those who prefer to keep Windows Defender active as the registered W10 virus protection along with MB to supplement malware/spyware and zero day exploit protection. Even MB Premium 3 is not sufficient by itself. Maybe that will change someday, but it's not there yet. I'm guessing the issue of MB registering itself and disabling Defender has been resolved by now (June 6, 2017) because I see Windows Defender real-time and cloud-based protection are On and running happily alongside Malwarebytes Premium
  13. I can see that's not how MBAE works now, but it probably should work that way. Security components that silently fail and provide no feedback as to their current state weaken security because customers are left in a state of ignorance and/or or given a false sense of confidence. For example, what if someone adds a shield for Microsoft Outlook and accidentally misspells the executable as "outllook.exe" (contains an extra "l")? According to your description, MBAE will silently fail to find outllook.exe and provide no feedback to that effect. The customer would be less-than-pleased to discover
  14. I just upgraded to MBAE Premium and decided to check what shields were running. I have Office 2013 so was happy to at least see shields for Excel, Word and PowerPoint. They were all deactivated by default, so I manually activated Excel and Word. Then, I added new shields for Outlook, OneNote and Skype, by entering the names and executable names (e.g. outlook.exe without the full path) with profile type of "office". MBAE created shield (lock) icons for each with no errors or feedback of any kind. As a sanity check, I decided to create a nonsense shield: "My Test", "thisdoesnotexis
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