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  1. Yup it’s still in there for both mb and avira, thanks
  2. Ah I see... Alright thanks. Just updated to v4, so far so good, hope it doesn't lag my PC like what I saw a few posts ago...
  3. Hi, can i ask why can't i update when Malwarebytes is conducting a scan? Talking about this update at the bottom right
  4. Hi guys, Malwarebytes did my daily scheduled threat scan and found that one of CopyTrans file is a trojan... may i ask is copytrans legit? i did use them before but do not know if they are legit... thanks
  5. hi, how do you make windows 10 remember the malwarebytes resized window? it keeps resetting back to the default size... thanks
  6. hey there, sorry for the late reply, was busy yesterday... although it might not matter, however, just as a "for your info" (fyi), i do not use the killer ethernet, i am using the dlink wifi adapter instead. but i still went ahead and updated the driver anyways, went to changed "malwarebytes service" from "automatic (delayed)" to "automatic" and restarted the system. web protection module still wouldn't turn on. went ahead and downloaded the malwarebytes support tool and did the cleanup. i pressed "ok" when asked to restart, however, it did not reinstall malwarebytes for me... i went ahead and clicked on your link to download the latest version of malwarebytes anyways... installed and restarted and problem is solved. thanks however i have a quesstion, because on the previous installation, i had "avira anti virus" as a exclusion in malwarebytes due to the suppport staff telling me to do so because "to work together instead of conflicting", and after the reinstall, the exclusion list became empty, so do i need to readd avira antivirus to malwarebytes exclusion? thanks
  7. hey, last week i noticed that web protection in real time protection was turned off, so i tried to turn it on but it wouldn't turn on. so i went to google and saw that someone mentioned a workaround to start the malwarebytes service in automatic (delayed) instead of automatic which i did and the problem was solved. but the problem is that in automatic (delayed), malwarebytes takes a while to start as compared to automatic. i am kind of paranoid when it comes to stuff like this like eg a hacker may be able to access or a virus may be executed between windows login and malwarebytes launching so i want to ask how can i fix this web protection not being able to turn on while in automatic? thanks
  8. having this issue too... on v3.4.5, should i update program instead?
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