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  1. Installed the beta with versions: - Malwarebytes version - Update package version 1.0.18156 - Component package version 1.0.804 and removed exclusions but issue is still there... Re-added the exclusions and problem is backed to solved, so beta didn't fix it
  2. Hi, would like to just say that me and another 4 other users are having the same issue as shown here I know a fix is on the way but I hope it can be asap because I don't feel very safe excluding folders from protection, especially when i'm on Windows 7.. I know I know it is my fault for staying on an EoL OS but I just hope things can be faster, thank you
  3. Oh I see... alright thanks i'll preview before posting next time
  4. Oh I see... Guess i'll have to double check my posts before clicking submit reply...
  5. Ahhh I see... Sounds nice, will definitely check them out next time when I need a laptop
  6. Hi may I ask why I can't seem to edit my posts...? Thanks
  7. Ooo I see... If I ever need a laptop i'll be sure to check that brand out
  8. I see, but shouldn't you be the one installing your own OS instead of trusting a vendor doing it for you? (as in to be more "safer", like example the vendor can't install other spyware/rootkits/nasty stuff or PUP for you) Alright, thank you for your detailed post I see...
  9. Yeah but I thought it was mostly for Windows 10 Pro and not Home?
  10. Strange, I can’t seem to edit my post on mobile, anyways I wanted to also say, many people online are encouraging the switch to Linux so maybe I want to give it a try and if it’s not for me then at least I tried and I’ll just be contented with Windows 10 I guess
  11. I see... But if I don’t remember wrongly, there is no Malwarebytes for Linux am I right? I’m using it for my school laptop, and getting forced updates is a frustrating thing, though with 1903, I can pause it for a short while now...
  12. Hey guys, so I googled a bit about what will happen if I continue to use Windows 7 after it's End of Life on 14 Jan 2020 and basically nothing will happen except Microsoft will not patch Windows 7 anymore which means any new security vulnerability and/or exploit can be used to attack Windows 7. So my question is, is having Malwarebytes and another AV (eg Avira) sufficient or must I really change to another OS? I'm not intending to upgrade to Windows 10 due to the forced updates, updates causing data loss, etc, etc and am thinking of switching to Linux instead if I am forced to use Windows 10... Thanks
  13. Yup it’s still in there for both mb and avira, thanks
  14. Ah I see... Alright thanks. Just updated to v4, so far so good, hope it doesn't lag my PC like what I saw a few posts ago...
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