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  1. Alright, I have posted to that section. Thanks
  2. Hi, following instructions from exile360 in this thread , my scan log file and FP in question is attached. Do let me know if it's a FP so I can either remove from quarantine or delete it if it's not FP... Thank you scanLog1.txt pbsvc.zip
  3. Hi, my daily threat scanned has flagged "PBSVC.EXE" as a "Malware.Generic.374869726", under location C:\WINDOWS\SYSWOW64\PBSVC.EXE Please confirm if this is false positive? I have not done anything related to that file which i believe is under PunkBuster except for uninstalling Battlefield V a few days ago... Below is the scan results.. Thanks
  4. Hi guys I just realize this was in my Malwarebytes Notifications: Screenshot attached Would like to ask is this a false positive? Thanks
  5. Just as I posted this thread, Malwarebytes finished the scan... Wow was there some secret code received? 🤣🤣 (Chill guys it's just a joke)
  6. Hi, just like the title, I have a laptop with a 240GB SSD running Windows 10. I am running a custom (full) scan with Malwarebytes Trial. The SSD is only 44.4GB full but 7+ hours has elapsed but the scan is still going... Is there anything wrong? I ran this scan because Windows Defender keeps on saying 1 threat detected but when I try to view the quarantine files via method described here, there was nothing inside... so I tried following other solutions from here, I ran Windows Defender Offline Scan but it didn't seem to help, so I followed the next solution which was to do a Malwarebytes scan instead... Thanks
  7. Oh I see, I thought it was beta because I am currently turned on beta updates and clicked “Check for updates” and thought that version was beta Alright thanks
  8. Yes that component update version 1.0.804 doesn't fix this issue. The new component update version 1.0.810 for beta also doesn't fix it New iTunes for Windows version also doesn't fix it
  9. Installed the beta with versions: - Malwarebytes version - Update package version 1.0.18156 - Component package version 1.0.804 and removed exclusions but issue is still there... Re-added the exclusions and problem is backed to solved, so beta didn't fix it
  10. Hi, would like to just say that me and another 4 other users are having the same issue as shown here I know a fix is on the way but I hope it can be asap because I don't feel very safe excluding folders from protection, especially when i'm on Windows 7.. I know I know it is my fault for staying on an EoL OS but I just hope things can be faster, thank you
  11. Oh I see... alright thanks i'll preview before posting next time
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