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  1. Oops, i cannot attach the file, uploader says ' you aren't permitted to upload this kind of file '
  2. the folder is Aeria games/S4League/S4Client.exe (as stated in the log detection) so i think this is the right file here it is
  3. similar problem here, an online videogame that i play with, S4League, tries to connect to a malicious IP, Outbound, S4Client.exe, the malicious IPs all start with 41, as your detected IPs
  4. I've got malwarebytes premium; Installed a videogame called S4League (by aeria games). While i'm playing S4League (it happened 2 times in total until now), sometimes malwarebytes pops-up alerting me that has blocked an Outgoing connection to a malicious IP (IPs are in the title) from Aeriagames/s4league/s4client.exe. i've done a lot of scans with malwarebytes and my antivirus norton360, Nothing found, everytime. Here are the logs involved: Detection, 28/08/2014 19:51:49, SYSTEM, UTENTE-PC, Protection, Malicious Website Protection, IP,, 60127, Outbound, C:\AeriaGames\S4Le
  5. Ok, that's the problem: Those past days i wanted to play a videogame free to play, its name is S4League, by Aeria games, (not related with Steam, so), and in order to install it, Aeria games uses Akamai (famous download deliverer, p2p) as a download deliver. i was already afraid to use it, because i already knew that akamai could have connected to a malicious ip while downloading the game. Just to be sure, i wanted to install 3-4 different times the videogame. The first 3 times Any problem: the game downloaded, i played it for a while before to try again and nothing blocked by malware
  6. Hello! Thanks for the last 2 topics i started but i have the final question for you, staff I've re-installed malwarebytes again and while i was setting the scheduled tasks i've found the option 'recover if missed by'. Many users before me answered what exactly that option means, i've read some topics on this forum but i still am in doubt : until now i've used the scheduled task option by default, ok, but now i'd want that malwarebytes updates every 2 hours and performs a scan every 7 hours. i'm still on doubt about the hour setting for the option 'recover if missed by'. i read some
  7. ok... but i updated it several times and i'm keeping on make complete scans..
  8. i searched on google about it, I know that a lot of people were talking about some adwares/viruses that open automatically a Lot of pop-ups on the browser, but it's not my case, because it never does that to me! just in that case. my system is pretty clean as i said before, i don't download anything, never, and i've scanned a lot of times with norton and malwarebytes premium, never founding something. if i can, let me suggest: get on elohell.net, (it's not a malicious website, just a fansite of league of legends), surf some artworks and perhaps it will open a pop-up with advertisements (
  9. ''Are you getting any error messages? Is the program crashing? Are your scheduled tasks running properly?'' actually i'm not getting anything, everything seems to be as before the 'reset button'. i've just few programs on my system, it's pretty clear (2 videogames, ccleaner, norton, malwarebytes, photoshop, the fax scanner utility driver, some adobe programs: air, reader IX, plugin...) My worry was about that norton and malwarebytes, as i said before, are still ok and no file lost/no function corrupted in order to keep me safe, after i pressed the reset button. but, how can i be sure?
  10. ok, thank you all! I've checked the disk with windows check for errors and there were no errors found. As i can see, since the hard reset nothing changed and nothing works wrong, i was not writing any data, just playing a videogame (and that crashed) i'm just afraid if the hard reset could have damaged norton or malwarebytes premium, and how can i be sure that i'm safe and nothing gone wrong after the hard reset? thank you again! <3
  11. Hi all, i was surfing an online website about a videogame (elohell.net, league of legends) when suddenly, while i was seeing some fan-art, a pop-up opened. it was 'adcash.com' and redirected me to 'vube.com'. I have to say that my pc is pretty clean with malwarebytes Premium and norton 360, i don't install/download anything from internet and no strange programs are installed. I immediately close that window opened in chrome of that pop-up and done some scans. Nothing found. I'm asking to you if that was something dangerous (or a virus, some say on internet) or just a redirecting plug adv
  12. Ok, thank you for you help, but i'd like to understand if, after the hard reset, some options or settings in malwarebytes premium or norton 360 could have changed without that i knew it (sry for my english)
  13. Here is the situation : I was playing an online videogame called 'League of legends' with my computer (it's a bit old computer but the game runs well) Sometimes this videogame has bugs or crash and today, suddenly the game stucked, frozen, and i couldn't do anything. I had to press the 'Reset' button on the hardware case because nothing responded. the system restarted and, for now, luckly without any problem or error. My question is because of my curiosity: Did the reset button damage anything? Were malwarebytes and norton software safe or could the reset have damaged them or the
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