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  1. I see from another topic above that Techbench is tied to its USB, and thus the tech has to physically be at the machine in order to clean it. At an MSP, we do 90% of our work remotely. Is there any way to leverage MWB as a remote solution?
  2. Thank you for the clarification! If you'll indulge me a little further - From what I'm seeing MWB Techbench seems to be limited to a USB stick. We do 98% of our work remotely. Is there a way to leverage Techbench into a remote solution?
  3. I work at an MSP and one of our favorite tools to use for infections was the standalone MalwareBytes download for a one-off scan. Recently the licensing language had changed to not allow for commercial use. Then it changed again to allow for "internal business purposes". I'm of the mind that this falls within our use (i.e., helping clean a client's computers) but my colleagues disagree. We've had a moratorium on using MWB since then because we don't want to use the software illegally (obviously), but I was hoping someone here could help clarify what would constitute as fair use under our scenario. Any help or guidance would be appreciated. Thanks!
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