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  1. I recently installed the latest Malwarebytes update upon being prompted to by the program. I went through the installer and restarted the program, however, I got an error message box that said "Unable to connect the Service". What can I do? I looked up another topic for help, and it told me to manually start the service, but the service wasn't in my services list


  2. Before MalwareBytes Anti-Malware 2.0, threat scans would normally take 8-30 minutes to complete. However, as of the update, scans now consistently get caught on single files, and scans are taking longer and longer to complete. Scans went from taking one to two hours to complete to three, and now this scan has been going on for four hours and thirty minutes. Please help me, my computer is old, and I cannot have intensive programs like MBAM take up valuable memory for extended periods of time.


    Thank you.



  3. Hello,


    I've recently been having an issue with Malwarebytes recently (as in, just today). Malwarebytes' malicious website protection is repeatedly being disabled, and it becomes disabled again not too long after I re-enable it. I'm also getting a message that says that the Malwarebytes anti-malware database is missing or corrupt. I've been clicking yes and redownloading the database, which leads to MBAM scanning my computer, but no malware is being found. I don't know that to do. What do you recommend?


    On another note, as of 2.0, MBAM often gets stuck on singular files during scans for periods of about an hour. How would I solve this problem as well? MBAM used to only take 11-15 minutes to scan my computer beforehand.

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