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  1. i keep getting the'real time protection layers turnerd off' on startup, when i check UI it is green, protected. all settings under RT are on.
  2. thanks for the info. will impliment your suggestions. will get rid of the iobit stuff & anything else dodgy in the lists. i try a lot of software, most gets uninstalled soon after, but may or may not leave leftovers. will need to go thru your list & have a good cleanup. spybot s&d is only used offline as a check about once a month. prefer mbam will remove mse as it not all that good anyway. don't use chrome, tried and don't like it.must be a leftover. mse and outpost security suite are my only resident realtime anti-malware stuff at the moment (hopefully will only have mbam &a
  3. addendum in above post: poet should be post, if my fingers were skinnier.
  4. latest mbam installed again yesterday. ran scans OK, all was well till a few minutes ago. was browseing with firefox nightly. it lost internet connection, slowed down & froze completely in a minute or so. had to do a warm reboot. this repeats it's behavior from last week i noted on wilders. doesn't only happen in firefox from past experience. after uninstalling mbam last week i had no problems at all. poet at wilders reccommended i use your diagnostics and post the files here. they are attrached in a zip file. checkfiles.zip
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