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  1. I have the same problem. I am running Malwarebytes (Premium) version under Windows 10 Pro (all updates installed). I run Chrome (latest version). I have had occasional system crashes while Chrome was running; I have not tried to diagnose cause of the crashes. Every time I start Chrome, even after Chrome did NOT crash, I get a Chrome tab that reports the following: "This application could prevent Chrome from working properly. Learn how to update applications" and it identifies "Malwarebytes version" as the only possible culprit. Except for the error message tab that keeps popping up, Chrome seems to run OK. I know that Malwarebytes security scans do not crash Chrome. I have not, and do not intend to, uninstall Malwarebytes because I value my security. Still, it would be nice to get to the bottom of this. Since Chrome runs on more than a few computers that also run Malwarebytes, I expect that Malwarebytes' management would also like analyze and fix this problem.
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