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  1. I received this email from welcome@reply.malwarebytes.com. Is this legit? I can't find any info on the site about it. *************************************************** Many of you have asked how you can add protection for extra devices without having to cancel your current subscription. Now you can. Protect all your PC, Mac, and Android devices for just $10 per device per year. That's 75% less than the price of a single license ($39.99/year). No worries! We'll make it easy and simple for you to upgrade. For one, your activation key will not change. You can use the same activation key for all your devices. We'll also do the math for you so you don’t have to bring out a calculator to figure out the final price for total protection. Lastly, get peace of mind knowing every device you use is protected. All you have to do is tell us how many devices in total you'd like to protect. ***************************************************
  2. I just restarted my computer for the 2nd time and it went away.
  3. Suddenly I got a notification stating that real-time protection was disabled and I'm not able to turn it on. Anyone know why or is anyone else experiencing this? (version
  4. Same problem here with 3.5.1. This isn't something we can fix on our end, this needs to be addressed on theirs.
  5. I didn't see someone had started a thread on this already. Please disregard.
  6. I'm using v3.5.1 and I'm getting the exclamation point saying that 'your updates aren't current', but when I click on 'check for updates', it just spins then stops and nothing happens. Anyone know what's going on? This just started happening.
  7. You guys borked my entire Saturday afternoon. Can you please test your rollouts more thoroughly going forward? My RAM usage was so high, I couldn't even navigate to find out what the hell was going on and my computer kept crashing. I have 8g of memory and it was all being chewed up. It seems back to normal now and my real-time web protection is working again after being stuck on 'starting' all day. This was a major inconvenience and I'm more than a little annoyed right now.
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