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  1. I think this is a false positive since malwarebytes has never reacted to dcuo exe file before and I've played the game for years.Hope it's fixed soon.I added the fil so you can check it out. DCGAME.START.rar
  2. Hi.Today malwarebytes flagged another zipp file I have on my hard drive for ages called UCR_V0.9.0.zip wich is my universal control remapper so I think this is false positive.I uploaded the file to this topic. UCR_v0.9.0.zip
  3. Here is the hwmonitor zip file.Hope it helps HWMONITOR_1.35.ZIP
  4. Sure,how do I i drag a file from quarantine to this post? I'm not sure how to do it.
  5. Today when my malwarebytes premium did it's daily scan it flagged HWMONITOR_1.35.zip as an malware generic.I'm not sure why it suddenly does this since it has never reacted on it before.I hope it's just a false positive since I rarely delete zip files and it has been on my harddrive for ages.
  6. As I said windows Defender and windows firewall,also windows antimalware.
  7. It happends with windows 10's buildt in skype preview aswell,as soon as I open the firefox browser=bsod.I realy hope you guys can find out whats wrong.
  8. Hi Here's my windows mini dump but I reverted back to malwarebytes 2 since I couldnt even open my browser without the pc getting the bsod.I'm sending the logs from version 2 if its ok? Minidump.rar mbam log.rar
  9. Hi.I upgraded malwarebytes from v 2 to the new v3.04 but all i get is bsod and when I check it says the fault is tcpip.sys and ntoskrnl.exe so I'm wondering whats wrong wirth it? v2 works with any problems so this is frustrating if we all are gonna automaticly upgraded evntualy.I'm a premium user and I use windows defender and windows 10 64bit anniversary. I also tried to do the clean removal of malwarebytes and install malwarebytes 3.0.4 but with same results.The bsod starts when i start up skype and firefox.
  10. yeah I got a 120gb SSD and no I never overclock anything.Also im always very sceptical to downloading files I don't know.Here's the listparts scan results.I got very little things installed so that may also be why id does not take so long time.my fathers laptop wich took much longer to scan has'nt been formated in ages. Result.txt
  11. Here we go.Hope theres nothing wrong. FRST.txt Addition.txt CheckResults.txt
  12. Hi.I'm a premium user of malwarebytes v2014.08.22.04 and when I scan with threat scan it takes only 2 minutes and 4 seconds to scan,is this normal? when I run threat scan on my fathers laptop it takes 18 minutes.I remember a long time ago when I installed malwarebytes 2.0 for the first time it took about 30 minutes and it found a pua/potensial unvanted program but from then on its only taken about 2-3 minutes to scann. A full scan takes about 1.5-2 hours.Hope theres nothing wrong with it since i realy like malwarebytes:)
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