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  1. Hello again. I was still having trouble getting my computer to stay on long enough, even in safe mode, to do much of anything. I brought it to the computer help desk on campus (UW, Odegard Library), and they were able to get it cleaned out for me. The scans and other tools they used purged my computer of problems. They recommended being more careful which web sites I visit. I believe the two most suspicious ones (which I no longer go to on my home computer) are: 1.) "CommandersOfEvony.com" which is a bug-ridden beta stage game, and 2.) *Not* youtube, per say, but an advertised link in the co
  2. Sorry, this is the log. It didn't post correctly. Nico Mak Computing WinZip Malware Protector Scan Date Thursday, June 05, 2014 Database Version 1828 Total Items Found 6 Objects Scanned : 330708 Time Elapsed : 00:50:40 Name Found Items Item Name trojan-dropper.agent Category Trojan Dropper Threat Level Elevated Action Performed Quarantine Items Found 5
  3. Hello, and thank you for your assistance. At this time, My Premium copy of MBAM will not launch, so I am not able to run a scan with that program; though, as an aside, I was eventually able to scan with my other software, "WinZip Malware Protector," as well as Microsoft's "Security Essentials," both of which found nothing on this occasion. I am attaching the "FRST.txt" log, as instructed. {Note: I had actually downloaded and run this tool previously. I note that it had to be re-downloaded and installed again, as it had vanished from my system.} Subesequent to that, however, WinZip Malwa
  4. Hello. I am messaging because of recurring problems with PUP bug files causing my computer to freeze or crash. Initially, I bought the Premium version of MBAM to resolve this. However, this fix has only been temporary. I am now finding that, when I can get my machine to stay on and functional long enough, that when I launch MBAM, I am told that the registry and other information is gone, and that I no longer have the latest daily downloaded version, or any prior one, present in my system. I have to then re-enter my product ID and Key numbers to re-enable protection. The same two PUP bug files
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