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  1. Yep, turning off SSL scan did the trick. Thanks mazzmazz!!
  2. I too have not been able to connect to Hotmail/Outlook over the last several days. I can ping both. I'm pretty sure I don't have a virus because the second computer I only use for online banking and 3D. I am also running Bitdefender. Windows 7 home premium SP1
  3. Thanks for the quick response. No I did not have Self-Protection on and yes I am up and running after a re-install. I did notice others with similar issues, my query was more why I running MBAM as an admin (under user login) did not work. I haven't had this issue with other software.
  4. I am running this on my home PC, I have two log-in's; USER for all activity and admin to install software. I received notice of MWB update when logged in as USER, I right clicked on the exe and ran as admin, the login went through but it did not update, no errors it just did not update nor clear "no real time update". I switched users, logged in as admin, ran updater, it worked, everything updated, real time protection on. logged out, relogged in as user, still showing, no real time protection error. I tried right click run as admin, no help. I had to uninstalled MWB, reinstall it for it to update and have real time protection. I am running Bitdefender as antivirus.
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