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  1. HEADS UP, im sorry for wasting your time, you may close the topic, i've found out its the same for my friends laptop too, that the database keeps needing to update for him too, never mind.
  2. Well I had installed Malware bytes a month ago roughly and when i had done a recovery on my laptop, and even before this recovery, malware bytes kept needing to update. Is this apart of how MB works in some way? I dont exactly want to go and be downloading any things im not sure about, I would like a quick little answer if this is possible. It doesn't need to update every time I go on so for example, if I went on MB today and went on it later on during today, it would say it wouldn't need to update and that it is up to date.
  3. Hello, so this is the issue... Im just overall making sure my computer is safe. Malware bytes CONTANTLY needs to update every time I open it. For example, where it says update data Bass, i'll need to click 'update now' and it'll update. I'm also running MB as an administrator too so I dont know... My computer performed a recovery last month after I came in contact with a virus and it did the same. Is this anything I need to worry about?
  4. Oh I feel a lot more comfortable now, I think I get what you mean. Thank you
  5. Alright so yesterday AVG and Malware Bytes detected Adware and 2 Trojans on my computer and they got rid of them fairly easily but when I click on the Malware Bytes icon on the toolbar after I look at a scan, it minimizes into the hidden icons? Is this a sign of something bigger or is it just a thing Malware Bytes does? I'm just a little bit concerned that's all. I can simply open it up again and the scan is still running.
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