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  1. I did it under the administrators account but I looked it up for about a half hour and found out that you have to run the browser as the administrator and then configure the proxy settings from there. After that the box stayed unchecked ! Thanks for all of your help and sorry for mixing you up in multiple situations.
  2. Sorry somethings come up. Instead of fixing my IE problem can you help me with something else? If not then I understand. But here's the problem. I don't know what my dads done with my moms laptop but he's been installing all sorts of things. Such as browser extensions and themes etc. He must have accidentally installed a virus because this morning my mom said that a message and ads kept popping up. I looked it up and the virus, Trovi was detected so I deleted the extension etc. cleared the chrome settings and that seems to have worked. I wanna say the ads are gone too but I'm not entirely su
  3. so sorry! I do need more time because school starts back up soon and I have a lot of things to do and buy
  4. Okay. I forgot to mention that its works now! I can download things again :-D Thanks so much. It started working after I downloaded combofix i believe. Should I still follow the steps however? I stopped after Malware Bytes scanned my laptop. Another problem I seem to ALWAYS have for the last few months is that internet explorer opens by itself and random adds pop up.
  5. I'm considered attempting to back up everything I have on my laptop and restore it. Maybe then the problem will be resolved. Do you think that'd work?
  6. I'm sorry, I don't know why I was quoting I just felt it was necessary, my mistake. I re-ran FRST, and the .txt file is attached below FRST.txt
  7. So happy we can continue but when I download Combofix it says it wasn't meant to run in compatibility mode and then shuts down. What should I do ?
  8. These are pretty long documents, just copy and paste everything? Sorry I know you're an expert and I shouldn't be questioning you. And also sorry for taking a while to reply I was on a trip and didn't bring my computer.
  9. Hello! Sorry I'm sort of new to this what is RT? I do have Windows 8.1 if you need any other info on my laptop then feel free to ask. I haven't tried installing stuff from the App Store, its just a majority of the stuff I download from my browsers etc. doesnt work. I just looked up RT. No I don't think it was designed for a mobile device. I'm not sure if that's what it means though. Sorry
  10. Hey guys, I really need some help because I suspect that my laptop has been infected with Malware. My laptop is a Toshiba Satellite C855-S5356 and about a year months old. Windows 8.And it seems to me that ever since a few weeks ago, every single time I download something, say its 2GB (which normally take about 1 hour+ to download) it downloads in a few seconds and then when I open it, it says file corrupt or "windows smart screen has protected this PC" I have images below. I've been using my browser, Google Chrome for over a year now and this has never happened. This problem also happens w
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