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  1. Hello folks! I think you all have realised by now that even the MBAM-Free continue to sit in the system-tray upon clicking 'X' on its interface !? Why not offer an option or a toggle-button within the program settings to allow 'X' = 'complete exit' for the program ?? OR, you may consider coming up with a Menu item/ Menu hive (denoted by three parallel lines) to make the program EXIT from there ! Afterall, why should this MBAM-Free be made to sit in the corner ?? Help us bid a graceful goodbye to it after a successful scan session ! Thanks.
  2. Hello Benno1024! Yes I have 'Upgraded' to 3.0.5 & haven't observed the anomaly thus far...but quite frankly - I haven't waited for that long during these days in order to test out the given scenario!...OR probably, the issue has fixed indeed! Thank you.
  3. May I request the Dear Developers to please contemplate over introducing a 'Comprehensive EXIT" option for the Malwarebytes 3.0.x towards some forthcoming release? Why should one be made to click on the 'Tray icon' exclusively...in order to part ways with the Program in its entirety? That were not the case with earlier 2.x.x releases & wish..if the same could be emulated for the Latest or forthcoming variants as well! Please give a due credence. Thank you.
  4. Hello members! Please refer to the enclosed "Pictorial description" & help notify the concerned on this anomaly! Though the "Settings" have been configured to curtail invoking "Tray icon notifications", User-Customization is being overruled with these frequent prompts over--"Updates are not current"! I do follow a religious regimen to Update my application on a daily basis & that's why do not wish to be provoked by these Notifications every now & then. Secondly, the embedded hyperlink for superscript (Question mark) is reporting dysfunctional as well! Pleas
  5. Hello members! Iam still awaiting an appraisal to the posted Topic. Please come up with your valuable Inputs in this regard. Thanks.
  6. Hello There! Using Anti-Malware 3.0 Free edition on my Win XP Desktop & Win 10 Laptop. Unlike previous release, this newer version continues to run in the background even if 'X' is clicked against the Application Interface! Conspicuous Tray-icon requires to right-clicked 'exclusively' in order to part ways with the Application in its entirety! Therefore, it would be better is contemplate over an wholesome "Menu" somewhere within the Interface to choose an EXIT from there, OR please allow some Option within "Settings" to facilitate a Complete EXIT upon choosing 'X' agai
  7. Hello again! Would like to notify that the enclosed is probably - 'The Only' Scan which came out with flying colors, 0 detections. It took me more than 48Hours of a grueling effort to get to this Stage! Can I clear the Quarantined Items? Will Update regarding any further developments. Thanks. 4thMayIIScanLog.txt
  8. Hello Aura! & Porthos! Thanks again for a Prompt reply! Apropos of the quoted reference, please note that the 'Hohosearch' has been classified as a -Browser Hijacker!..Now how come a Browser-Hijacker be ever portrayed as a benign PUP? I mean, the Threat-designation by Anti-Malware should have been Higher- in Red color rather than depicting a Yellow(Go-Easy) for the same! Now 5-6 Scans spanning over a Period of >24Hours have been made, with plenty of Quarantined Items finding its haven at the respective Compilation(under History Tab). I wish to understand...that how really are such
  9. Hello Aura, Yes indeed, I would like to recount an experience where some Bundled Software were downloaded/installed inadvertently when trying to install a Newsletter-Recommended .PDF Compressor from ---freepdfutilities.com. Now, What's the Solution? I have been quite diligent to Run Scans after Scans to get to the root of the problem, but MalwareBytes-AntiMalware isn't proving to be that Good as per its Original reputation! It is able to Highlight 4-6 entries against the Last stage of Heuristic search upon every Single attempt. Lastly, as far as the Troublemaker Software is concerned, I d
  10. Hello Community Members! Please refer to the enclosed Compilation of our frantic Anti-Malware Scans (, v2016.05.04.02), & help Identify & thus Nail-down the Root-cause behind such repetitive incursions of PUP. Would also like to Update that though the detected elements have been comfortably masqueraded as mere PUP by the Freeware-Product, actual repercussions have been much more than what is generally expected out of a benign PUP. Browser Home-pages have been changed to Hohosearch, & similarly, the "Default Search Engines" have made an inadvertent transition fo
  11. A Theory claims that the III World War will be triggered by some amount of Whistle-blowing! Really? :-)

  12. Hello There! I would request the Helping members to please scour the attached Screenshots, & suggest me if anything more is required to be done in order to SANITIZE my Machine in entirety? Brief Summary:: Spam Mail arrived in the cloak of amazon.co.uk >> clicked on attachment "Order Report.zip">>No report opens up, but Windows Defender was quick to invoke 3 back-back Banner type warning messages>> Start-up Items portrayed 3 unscrupulous entries when checked thru CCleaner Utility! >>As long as those Start-up entries remained enabled, Windows Defender couldn't p
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