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  1. I read on a forum there was an interesting mbae update and that this update would be automatically proposed to me. I'm still awaiting. Would it be possible to have a download link of the new version ? If necessary, I can give my license key.
  2. Sorry, I mixed up a complete mbam shut down with disabling self-protection. So I disabled it, without shutting down mbam. I uninstalled mbae. Then I checked mbae folders everywhere on the C drive. No mbae folder to delete. I rebooted, checked if mbam self-protection was disabled : it was. To be sure, I disabled my Kaspersky. Then I tried to install mbae. And this time, it works! The mbae icon tray is back. Both mbae directories exist, in Program Files as in C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Malwarebytes\. I include the freshest mbae-uninstall.log. About opening a cmd and type "echo %allusersprofile%, if I include the ", I got a syntax error. If I don't, the output is All Users. Finally : 1° may I re-enable mbam self-protection or do I take the risk, doing so, to corrupt mbae? 2° As the last version of Firefox (29.1) is too heavy for me and refuses a lot of add-ons, I'm now surfing with Pale Moon. Mbae protects Firefox, but not Pale Moon. May I hope an update that would make mbae protect Pale Moon as well? Anyway, thank you for your patience. mbae-uninstall.log
  3. No, but I completely shut mbam down by right-clicking on the icon tray and choosing "quit". Isn't it the same?
  4. OK, here I am. So : 1st, I uninstalled mbae. 2nd, I was about to delete both mbae folders but (screencap) there wasn't any mbae folder to delete (2 screencaps). However, in Documents and Settings, I could find 2 mbam folders (?) (screencap). 3rd, I disabled completely mbam (screencap). 4th : After having disabled it, I straight shut mbam down. (screencap). 5th : I did the same with Kaspersky (screencap). 6th : I reinstalled mbae. I've been asked to reboot, immediately after installation process. 7th : I first checked the mbae folder content (screencap). 8th : I rebooted and re-checked the folder. No mbae.exe file neither before, nor after reboot (screencap).
  5. OK, this time I had to restart in safe mode to be able to delete C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Malwarebytes\Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit, but I did manage to delete it. the Program Files MBAE sobfolder had already dissapeared after the uninstall. Here's the result.
  6. Yes, I'm running MBAM Premium. So after uninstalled MBAE and rebooted, I disabled MBAM Premium's self protection. I even disabled MBAM completely. I even disable Kaspesky PURE 3.0 to be sure. Then I reinstalled the MBAE last version. I've been asked to reboot. But I first took a screen cap of the MBAE folder before the asked reboot. I rebooted and then took another screen cap of the MBAE folder. Both are in attachment.
  7. By stopping/disabling all other software, do you mean the antivirus + MBAM or more than that? If more, what processes should remain into the task manager before reinstall?
  8. Hi, As English isn't my motherlanguage, I don't understand exactly what a cleanup/bootup optimizer is. What a sure thing is, is I always downloaded mbae from www.malwarebytes.org, as I don't trust third-party download portals. I tried what was suggested and here's in attachment a screencap of the result.
  9. Hello, I'm running Win xp Home SP3. I got Kasperky Pure 3.0 and MBAM As Win xp support has been stopped by MS, I decided to run MBAE as well. I usually surfed with Firefox, but since 29.1 version is really heavy and slow, I now mostly surf with Pale Moon 24.5.0. During the first mbae sessions, everything was fine, it autostarted, I had an icon tray that could show me what was protected by a right-click. Now, it doesn't run anymore. Malwarebytes support told me to run FRST.exe and to send the log. Nothing. Then I was asked to run JRT.exe and to send the log. Then I was asked to run FRST.exe once again and to send the log. Then I was told to subscribe to this forum and to ask help here. Anyone can help? Do not hesitate to ask me more info when necessary. Thank you! dds.txt attach.zip
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