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  1. Update: For some reason when I downloaded chameleon from the site it allowed and installed what i assume to be MB version 1.75 and it found 3 rootkits but they were labeled TDSSkiller which I think was a program I saw on here and ran so i don't know why it wanted to delete them but I let it; this is confusing me. As of right now I still cant open the latest version but 1.75 opens and scans fine.
  2. So about a week or so ago I was browsing amazon when suddenly I started getting popups telling me I was the x customer to visit and won a giftcard blahblah so afterwards I attempted to start-up Malwarebytes but it wouldn't start, the initial window would come up telling me if i wanted to run it; I would hit yes then I would just get the little spinning cursor and then nothing. After I did some searching I found out about the chameleon feature and went through all 13 scans with no success, so I decided to just do a system restore. After that finished I found myself with a whole new host of issues slow start-up with just a black screen and cursor until I let it go for around a minute,problems connecting to the internet etc. but after some searching and messing with some of my settings I finally got it to work and I could run Malwarebytes, everything was dandy until today when I tried to start it up again. Again I got the same thing, window would pop up, I'd select yes then nothing... I ran chameleon again, nothing..., then i tried running a ton of different programs that had been recommended to others with similar issues on here like adwarekiller or something like that and it found a ton of things and yet still I couldn't open Malewarebytes. Then yet again I tried another system restore but this time it didn't work; I still couldn't open it so I decided to undo the restore and make an account here and try to get help out of pure frustration, and after reading the guidelines I installed and scanned with Farbar, here's the log: FRST.txt Addition.txt
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