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  1. Hello, recently i was infected with the above Trojan virus. when i start up windows 10, McAfee detects it and moves it to quarantine, but it reappears on the next boot again and again. How can i remove this pest once and for all? thanks and please re-address if i am not in the correct forum.
  2. Looks like everything is done now, having just completed the eset scan. i haven't seen the pup.bad.proxy error show up recently. please let me know what else i need to do and thank you very much for your help. BK eset scan.txt
  3. here is the result until i can run the other utility tonite 05302014_135640.log
  4. Here is the result from running OTL again. Before i run the AV utility which you said may take a while, can i work while it is running or do i need to leave the computer alone? if i have to leave it alone i will have to wait an run it tonite. All processes killed ========== OTL ========== ========== FILES ========== File\Folder O3 - HKLM\..\Toolbar: (no name) - Locked - No CLSID value found. not found. File\Folder [emptytemp] not found. File\Folder [CREATERESTOREPOINT] not found. OTL by OldTimer - Version log created on 05302014_130206 Files\Folders moved on Reboot... PendingFileRenameOperations files... Registry entries deleted on Reboot...
  5. Malwarebytes just issued this threat they found: mbam-log-2014-05-30 (10-05-09).xml
  6. Here are the two files you requested after running the OTL program. btw, thank you very much for your help. OTL.Txt Extras.Txt
  7. i had problems trying to disable the mcafee parts but when i tried to stop the combofix it ran anyway. here is the log file after completion log.txt
  8. ok, i n hte dowloads file i have frst64.exe, the fixlist.txt that you just asked me to download today plus frst.txt and fixlog.txt, when i open only frst64.exe and slelect fix "once", i still get the error stated above. i f i click "ok" on the error button, frst64.exe closes, if i leave the error box open, the fix just goes out and does nothing but run and run.
  9. i first removed micrsoft security essentials, then downloaded the fixlist.txt file into the same folder where the other files and ran frst64.exe from the same folder but immediately received this error: Line 9272 (File D:\ifolder\downloads\frst64.exe ) Error Variable canot be accessed in this manner. i clicked ok and the program stopped.
  10. doesn't that site you listed take me back to here: i posted the logs here previously, here they are again. i see why they didn't posst the first time. Addition.txt FRST.txt
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