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  1. @AdvancedSetup Install and ran B version with no luck
  2. No @AdvancedSetup, I'm not! With regards to encrypted files or folders, I have attached the .txt file below after ran "cipher /s:c:\ >" in CMD and it's negative. I personally, clean installed W7pro/64 (former W7pro/32) a few months ago and never encrypted anything. No files, neither folders nor drives, nothing & never! I'll try the B version, hoping will solve the issue Thank you for getting back to me encryption.txt
  3. Hi @AdvancedSetup Is there anything for my case? Thank you
  4. Ups! Sorry. system-log.txt mbar-log-2017-04-27 (18-11-34).txt
  5. No, I'm not using a RAM drive. I did all the steps prescribed above, no malware found!
  6. Hi Ron I have followed the instructions in the first link you've sent me above up until the 6th step. I then selected YES in order to download, install and activate the latest version (after reboot) and it did nothing at all. I made the decision to download MB3 anyway through the link you provide me in your latest response and ran a scan including rootkit ( enabled) check. The result is described in my 1st post. Still receiving BSoD
  7. I've just downloaded MBAM for my computer and works perfectly fine (scan for rootkits disabled), however, when rootkits scan is enabled it brings up a BSoD and restarts. Running a scan in safe mode (scan for rootkits enabled) works fine. Thanx in advance MB-CheckResult.txt Addition.txt logs.zip FRST.txt
  8. I did and everything works as it should! The only thing is that I can't remove the shortcut from desktop. As I created one in the start menu I don't need anymore. Any suggestion?
  9. Hope these files are better! Addition.txt FRST.txt CheckResults.txt
  10. MBAM refuse to update database. FRST.txt Addition.txt CheckResults.txt
  11. I received an email saying that my one year subscription expired. The thing is that the program still runs w/o notifications. Has expired or not? And how do I buy multiple licenses? Thanx
  12. I want to renew my yearly subscription in premium but first I want to switch to a new e-mail address. Any help?
  13. MBAM Premium not cooperating! I'm getting the "Error: Malwarebytes was unable to load the Anti-RootKit Driver. Error Code: 20025" Help
  14. Thanx guys! I ran the AVG unınstaller and now everything is perfect! Thanx all of you!
  15. As I said I was trying to remove AVG2012, I thought maybe was the problem. I tried many times to remove (unsuccessfully) some files related to AVG ending with the .dll extension. Since then -and after one more restart- my dad's pc lost its internet access... Because of this I can't access his pc... So I have to wait for tomorrow to bring it to me. I have already purchase and install the premium version on my laptop and desktop and I'm satisfied from this product. Hope tomorrow my dad's pc will recover and find the solution in order to include his laptop in the premium version without using the free trial version. Thanx guys for your support, chat you tomorrow (Melbourne time..)
  16. Hey, I found that AVG2012 is still in the system and I can't remove it. Could be this the problem?
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