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  1. Hi everyone

    I'm still struggling with a pointless purchase and a PC... 

    I have created a topic and after so many days I'm still struggling to use a once upon a time very healthy machine.

    Please, advise next action because I'm thinking of:

    • performing an aggressive cleanup (MBAM4 not uninstallable???) or
    • reverting back to MBAM3 (is this gonna work?) or
    • even ask for a refund...

    Whatever the final decision will be, I hope I'm gonna bring my system back in its once upon a time healthy state.

    P/s: I've noticed that my installation is a 32-bit whilst my machine is (obviously) on 64-bit.

    I created this topic because I have a feeling you ignore me

  2. Hey @LiquidTension

    • Does this consistently occur with every scan? YES
    • What type of scan are you running? Is this a scheduled or manual scan? ANY
    • Double-click CX41PDv.png run_procdump.bat. Click Yes if prompted by AVOiBNU.jpg User Account Control.
    • When prompted to reboot, type Y into the window and press Enter on your keyboard. NEVER HAPPENED
      • Reproduce the scan hanging on checking for updates. NEVER ENDS (see screenShot attached)
    • Upon completion, a file named HSPwQfy.png memorydump.zip will be saved to your Desktop. NEVER HAPPENED
    • Finally, please rerun log gathering with the Malwarebytes Support Tool and attach the generated mbst-grab-results. SUPPORT  TOOL DOESN'T WORK (unless is run after a reboot...)



    Annotation 2019-11-12 083404.png


  3. 55 minutes ago, LiquidTension said:

    To clarify, the issue is now resolved? Was it the action of restarting that resolved it?

    The automated reply solution made the application functional again however, the application is far from considered as useful.


    1. All scans after 45 mins still run...

    2. The application appears to be heavy and consumes a lot of my CPU.

    3. Ever since I upgraded to MBAM4 my PC feels glitchy and slow.


    I seriously think of moving back to MBAM3.

  4. My other W10 MB3 licensed PCs are fine. Enabling rootkit scan doesn't cause any issue.

    On my Surface Pro 4 which also has Glary MB3 (not licensed) also works fine when scan for rootkits is enabled (possible only in Threat Scan).

    The problem is only with W7/64. If Glary deleted some registry keys then why Surface Pro 4 isn't affected? 

    Later in the day, I'll try to access one of my other W10 computers in EU that run both MB3 and Glary.

  5. @AdvancedSetup I forgot to mention that my PC works perfectly fine and all programs behave as expected. Sometimes is a bit slow but this is normal (DELL 220s Vostro).

    I downloaded and installed MB3 for my W10/64 (Surface Pro 4) but forgot to run a check with rootkit scan enabled. Now that the 14-day trial has expired it doesn't allow me to scan for rootkits through Custom Scan.

    Now, I have to check with my other MB3 licensed PCs (they don't run Glary and reg never been touched) to find out if Glary did something naughty... which I doubt.

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