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  1. I'm was getting this with WinXP running on a VM both timedate.cpl and an associated cache.dll causing me to do a full system scan as the supposed trojan sounded extra nasty. So time wasted worrying and doing that not appreciated. However I can also confirm the later update in the day: v2019.05.25.06 appears to have fixed the problem. Thanks for that. Was this a WinXP 32bit only thing? I ask because I updated my host 64bit OS's Malwarebytes definitions at the same time and did my at least weekly quick scan at the same time and it did not flag up the same file(s) either from outside scanning the VM XP installation or indeed its own timedate.cpl files, present in both the System32 and SysWOW64 folders. The file concerned appears to be the OS clock so how on earth did that rather important system file end up getting identified as a trojan anyway?
  2. I've just updated to v7.2.2 and suddenly from a system free of threats had a nasty 'surprise' and found it reporting almost 200 very similar entries (all just as others have described) have now been flagged as PUPs etc. I went back and tried v7.2.0 and that reports my system is free of threats. Clearly some issue with the new version but what? So I come here and find it is a problem between the new AdwCleaner version and Spybot, which I have used for years quietly, in the background without problems. Mind put at rest for the time being. IMHO it is pretty pointless adding these to AdwCleaner exclusions unless you desperately want to use the new version for some reason. It is has a fault, it shouldn't be doing this, previous versions certainly didn't and TBH I'm not really concerned about why just that it is fixed as soon as conveniently possible, please. That other (helpful) thread is from a month ago so this conflict has been known for some time. Until then going back to the previous version must be the more sensible reaction.
  3. Thanks for the very quick response and fix. Appreciated.
  4. Yesterday I ran an AdwCleaner v7.0.8.0 scan as I do once a week and it informed me, as it so often does, before starting the scan that there is a new version available. I didn't bother at that time, went ahead with the scan and as usual it showed no problems. Today less than 12hrs later I do update to the newer version, run a scan and it flags up two 'problems':- PUP.Multiplug.Heuristic C:\ProgramData\AUDYSSEY LABS PUP.Optional.InfoG HKLM\Software\Classes\INETCTLS.INET Re-ran the scan using v7.0.8.0 and that again shows my system is all clear. Now call me overly suspicious but if the definitions for such PUP and other unwanted stuff is being downloaded from the same data base each time you use AdwCleaner why is there this anomaly? I don't like the fact that such a tool as AdwCleaner doesn't give you the opportunity to check/research the flagged items without opting not to clean and having to go to the logs to find out exactly where these supposed nasties are located. When something like this happens what it suggests is that either the older AdwCleaner has missed the problem or the newer one is over-sensitive and has flagged up some false positives. Either way it doesn't inspire confidence in the tool does it? I'm particularly concerned about the Audyssey Labs one as all there is in that folder (hidden/system files set to display) are two files ApoHeadphoneTuning.Audy" and "ApoSpeakerTuning.Audy which I'm pretty sure are meant to be there as part of my PC's audio tools. When I researched this I found that last year the same file(s), reported in this very forum, were also being flagged by AdwCleaner as PUPs and a fix was applied to stop this false positive repeating. I'd bet the same sort of thing applies to the PUP.Optional.InfoG HKLM\Software\Classes\INETCTLS.INET but I await advice on that. But until this is sorted I'm going back to using v7.0.8.0.
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