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  1. The site is www.ssesetup.com. I am the owner of this site and of the SSE Setup software product, a known installer product, both of which have been around with good reputation for over 15 years. This site does NOT have any malware on it and never has. You previously blocked my site last year and I had to contact you and you have also incorrectly flagged my software in the past. I don't know what it is with your detection mechanisms, but you need to overhaul them... Thank you. -Chris Long, SSE Setup, www.ssesetup.com
  2. Hi, I've been alerted that my website www.ssesetup.com is being flagged by this extension. There isn't now nor ever has been any malware on the site. Appreciate this being looked into. Thanks, Chris Long, SSE Setup
  3. Thank you Mieke. In my limited re-testing this afternoon with my latest SSE Setup release, it looks like the problem is solved.
  4. I am the author of SSE Setup (www.ssesetup.com), a program installer/uninstaller. Your software is flagging all created Setup files that aren't signed as "MachineLearning/Anomalous.100%" I have attached a ZIP with 4 different samples (2 full self-extracting installs, and 2 of just the Setup.exe that's detected) that are falsely detected but you cannot just whitelist the individual files as created Setup's could have different file properties (name, version info, etc.). I have read your sticky forum post on Anomaly detections and as someone that's been dealing with Antivirus vendors
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