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  1. Prompted by a bbc article today about https://haveibeenpwned.com/ I checked for security breaches involving a few of my email addresses. I was shocked to learn that the email address that I use for this forum was involved in the following security breach. I don't recall any communication from Malwarebytes advising me of this breach which surely they must have been aware of. 'Helpfully' the Mawarebytes forum indicates my account was last accessed today! Have I been sleeping and missed the notification from Malwarebytes? Malwarebytes: In November 2014, the Malwarebytes forum was hacked
  2. I've fixed my problem - thanks to advice from another member's post which I can't relocate. Create a new Windows user account with administrator privileges and run Malwarebytes via the new users account. Update the definition file. Return to your old Windows account & Malwarebytes no longer crashes. Delete newly created account (optional) I've left mine just in case I need to repeat this procedure in future with Malwarebytes or other programs. I initially tried to use the Windows Guest account but that didn't work - it needs to be a new account with admin. privileges.
  3. Then I don't wish to run an executable program from a third party site I don't trust. Is there anything untoward in the file I've posted? thanks
  4. I don't wish to install third party software from to generate the other two log files. Does the CheckResults.txt file look OK?
  5. see attached log file. Tried the clean uninstall / reinstall procedure but the problem persists. Any help appreciated. CheckResults.txt
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