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  1. Ron, I'm aware of the rule, but it was you who answered the question in 2014 with " "As long as they're used in the same computer and not running at the same time then it will work and should not have any issues." 

    Why didn't you say "the licence is for single use only", even if you knew it could be used more than once. We were led to believe that "one device" was 1 computer, and dual boot was okay.

    You could have saved a lot of grief by being upfront, honest and direct 5 years ago. That Feb 19, 2014 was answered by yourself!!!

  2. Further to 

    I too take issue with the promises made in the past.

    I understand the lifetime licence is for use on a single device, so please don't tell me to read the conditions. I've always understood that, but the specific question of

    dual booting with a single licence was asked on February 19th, 2014, and answered by "Advanced Setup Staff". The reply was "As long as they're used in the same computer and not running at the same time then it will work and should not have any issues." 


    I reached out when my second system lost it's Premium status, on Support Ticket 2645055, but was given the stock reply.

    When this was answered back in 2014, you knew that the asker was installing it twice on the same device and it was approved. How can you now say that was always the policy regarding dual boots.

    We have been misled!

  3. Ron, It seems we just go on blaming each other's products for the failures. I have checked the event manager on several other computers running Windows 8, and they all have multiple errors listed - some apparently 100% reliable computers logging over 5000 errors in the last 7 days.

    So, I don't think there is ever going to be an error free windows system, and if that's what your software requires, it won't work too often.


    With regards to the 3 links you gave me above, the first didn't run on my system (and as you said, wasn't really applicable anyway)

    The second relates to failure to activate windows. I deliberately haven't activated it. It's just a "test build" and I can't afford to buy a copy just for this purpose. It shouldn't effect you though.

    The third, I installed and executed the program, but of course they are happy to scan it for free, but want money for the so-called fix!


    So, bottom line is I'm back to version 1.75 (which is what I bought and paid for) and I'll use that until I can no longer. Hopefully by then pressure from others may result in a "working" version 2.*.*.*.


    Thanks for trying to help.

  4. Ron,


    Never one to give up, I'm still trying other things to prove that there's a problem we're not seeing.


    I've re-installed Windows 8.1 yet again, this time on a clean, newly formatted drive, not dual boot, and nothing has been installed except Malwarebytes.


    I've not manually installed any drivers or windows updates, and the whole system isn't more than 4 hours old.


    Malwarebytes completed a scan, and I have not adjusted any settings in it, except to activate it.


    Windows is NOT activated.


    Malicious Website Protection turned off within a couple of hours, as usual.


    The scans are attached and I like you to check them over for me please.






  5. Ron, the reason I did a new install is I'm trying to track down and fix whatevber it is that's causing this.


    Did you look at the attached file for the new install ?




    The application errors you've attached there are dated 14th November, so they don't come from today's install.


    There are some errors showing, but how are they relevant to your system and why should they impact it so badly?


    The errors show some windows updates failed, but that's hardly unusual. (And yes, Windows is not activated but that shouldn't impact your program either)


    And why does 1.75 work perfectly?

  6. Ron,


    With regards to the new install, as I said, I have changed no windows settings, I have not installed any drivers, yet it still fails.


    Please explain to me how one can install windows "not" properly! I've been using windows as long as you have and don't think I'm a dummy. Did you bother to take a look at the files I attached for the new install, or would you prefer me just to go away?


    I'm as anxious to solve this as all tghe others that obviously don't know how to install windows either!

  7. As a follow on to 2 previous unresolved queries regarding this issue, I have today done a fresh clean install of Windows 8.1.


    Nothing has been modified, except I have joined my home network, installed some Windows Updates, and installed Malwarebytes.


    It took only a few hours to get the dreaded "Malicious Website Protection disabled"


    I think it's time somebody there looked for the common denominator amongst those of us with this issue.


    Please look at the attached files and see if you can spot anything that would have caused this, remembering it's a brand new install today!





  8. I have system restore turned off. It's of no use to me. Are you saying this is why I'm having trouble with your software?


    Just to check that out, I did a fresh install of Windows 8.1 today and have left all windows settings as they are (including system restore).


    It didn't take more than a couple of hours to get the dreaded "Malicious Website..." warning again. So for all the changes I've made to try to get Malwarebytes to work, it seems it just won't work for me.


    I've opened a new topic in Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Help     forum.


    I'm about to give up on this..... there has to be a reason and you must look for the common denominator with all the people having the same issue.

  9. Ron,

    Whilst I appreciate your efforts, there are many things which don't make sense. Sure, there may be error reports on my PC as I'm sure there are on most if not all. It works fine 99% of the time, and the errors are seamless to the operator.


    Version 1.75 still works without a hitch, and I'm happy to keep using it but you're going to discontinue support next year.


    And as far as re-installing Windows goes, as I pointed out last week, https://forums.malwarebytes.org/index.php?/topic/160864-yet-another-malicious-website-protection-disabled/  I did exactly that, and the same thing happened within hours!


    The question remains, whatever you may say is going on with my computer, (and many others) why the hell should it shut down your Malicious Website Protection! It doesn't shut it down on 1.75, so maybe your programmers can investigate it from that angle instead of trying to analyse our computers.


    As you well know, it's not an uncommon issue.


    Meanwhile, I'll take a look at Windows 7 and let you know.

  10. Can i refer you to the following page that explains selective startup with windows 8 on a dual boot system with windows 7. In particular the last line which reads

    "Windows 8 will always boot in “Selective startup” mode. Windows 7 however retains whichever startup mode choice you have made."



    The antivirus is Microsoft Security Essentials, the standard one that comes with Windows 8! There has never been any other antivirus installed.


    I agree there's something going on, and whatever it is it's closing down the Malicious Website Protection.


    Where do we go from here?

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