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  1. I was also sent to THIS forum link to post for help via FB. Do you people even talk to each other?
  2. Why did you remove my updated information about this problem that others cannot see to help? Why did you refer me to a link about forum rules and posting? I have the PRO version, does that make me a cash paying customer or not? I post to FB that this was a total waste of time and found most others were posting about the same problems and service. Dr Gene MD Sends
  3. I just removed: "xxxx\SOFTWARE\LevelQualityWatcher" via Adware Cleaner. MWB-Pro never found this and it has been there for months. Adware Cleaner only just found this. I could not get an update from ADWC either as something would prevent it pulling up the site. Blimpping Computer had the updated download and the update found this. Then in you forum I tried the HitmanPro free scan and it was also clean. BUT, the computer still would not find URL links via IE9 unless you opened 5 or more duplicate tabs. I went to MS and they said to set the default openings to MS-IE as default but that did not work. MS then linked to a patch that would fix it. It did not. After three months of this non-sense, I tried JRT free scan from the same topic board above. JRT only found one problem, and that was a defective register key for setting the default program openings which the MS patch could not fix. JRT did in fact fix what MS could not. Getting this fixed and removing the malware from AdPeak above put the computer back into perfect running mode. FOR NOW. I know this will come back in a few days. Apparently MWB-Pro still cannot remove all malware from Scorpion Saver, and I still have it file that is 3.09MB from 2008. It appears to be inactive and MS will not remove it because it said I do not have access to remove the reg-Key. CC Cleaner finds it to, removes it, but it comes back on the next boot. Why can you not worm this out of my system with an update and kill this once and for all. I tried to work with you for two weeks back in November and you quit on the last step, even after I sent you screen copies of the file. This is way too much work, which I need to spend on Medicine !!!!!!! Gene MD
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