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  1. I have an active Premium license, started last Oct.; the key shows up in my account. I recently had to put my machine through a complete Windows reinstall after a bad Windows update and am now restoring all programs. Naturally, I downloaded MB as one of the first, but it will not accept the license key. It says that the number of uses has been exceeded. Since I had to use a laptop in the intervening weeks, I installed a trial version of Malwarebytes on that, but I did not use the license; it's still running trial. What should I do? Thanks.
  2. I happened to notice just now that although rootkit scan is On in my settings, my latest scan report, on the advanced tab, says that rootkits are disabled. I have never looked at this; I rely on MB to do it's job and I am not an advanced user at all regarding this aspect of cyber life. Does this suggest that something is wrong in my settings or that MB is not working properly? If so, please advise. Thanks.
  3. Thank you very much. I was running Task Manager from the user account I blacked out, but had to show "processes from all users" to see what was in the attached screen shot. The user account was the only one running. I'll keep your advice handy and use the support tool to let you know if I see this again. I had uninstalled Java some years ago and then came across some site(s) that required it , so I reinstalled but have kept it disabled in my browser. I'll follow your advice and see how it works out this time; by now whatever site I needed it for, if it's important, has probably moved on.
  4. A little while ago tonight, my desktop slowed to crawl. Applications unresponsive, opening one taking two minutes,etc. when I finally got Task Manager open (W7 64bit), I saw this. I was not running a scan. It took the computer about 7 minutes just to reboot, then it was fine. What does this signify? Thanks.
  5. Window 7 64, MB free version. Earlier this evening, my external HD was telling me I could not safely disconnect it because another program was using it. Finally I rebooted and was able to disconnect. I plugged in my other and just for checking purposes, tried again , this time getting the message that COM Surrogate was using it. I looked up COM Surrogate adn saw that its a legit process as well as a Trojan. Ran both MSE and MB; neither found anything at all. Opened Task Manager to find 1 instance of COM Surrogate but using 0 bytes. After about 30 seconds, it vanished from TM of its own accord. I logged off, logged back in, and opened TM. I saw two instances but both vanished within a coupe of seconds. I used the show processes from all users (i.e., including Admin account) button and found them again in the longer list, but again they quickly vanished. Then, when I tried to open Acronis to run a back up, I got a pop-up I had never seen saying simply "Can't create database." I logged out adn back in and Acronis was fine. I'm assuming that what I'm seeing as COM Surrogate is the legit Window process, that MB would have caught this item that has apparently been around fo years, and that tonight's anomalies were just that. But I thought I'd ask.
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