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  1. No I didn't forget to add them and am fully aware of how to attach files to this forum. However since they were not attached I wasn't paying attention to something when I first added them. Addition.txt FRST.txt
  2. The Beta couldn't even upate itself until I turned off both protections. Both the FRST file and the Addition file have been attached as per the request on the Diagnostic Logs page. Something in MWB is blocking the ethernet program the USB connector uses because nothing has changed yet. Yes they can delete it because sometimes I'm a fumble fingered idjit when I type.
  3. Have just recently formatted my computer and decided to not go back to AVG because of the problems it's been having with Steam and other things. I used other programs other than MWB Free but have decided to come back to it because when used in tandem with other programs I have just as much protection as AVG provided. However an interesting problem has occured. When I installed it I was completely blocked from internet access. My MB port is not working so I am using a USB Ethernet adapter for access. After a long search on the web and through my computer and MWB itself that produced nothi
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